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Credulous construction team is in constant trouble.

netizen "Luban in spring" has been very distressed recently. His new home is not in downtown Wuhan, but in Huangpi. Because it is relatively remote, the decoration didn't find a regular decoration company through the decoration bidding platform similar to Wuhan home decoration network, but found a roadside construction team without any construction qualification through the introduction of acquaintances, Out of carelessness and trust in the construction team introduced by acquaintances, there was no decoration agreement and contract before the decoration, but the construction was troublesome at the beginning. Although the decoration money was paid on time, the construction quality of the construction team was not up to standard at all. According to him, there were no other cabinets except the kitchen cabinet, no TV wall, no ceiling, the construction period was delayed for 3 months, and there were water seepage, knocking on the wall tiles (he paid the cost, otherwise the construction team would not knock), and water seepage in the water pipe Wall cracking and so on, so he was very worried about problems after the decoration, so he wanted to pledge part of the decoration balance as a warranty deposit, and he didn't know whether it was feasible

when signing the contract, it is necessary to indicate the balance of the deposit

many construction teams do not have the corresponding construction qualifications and will not sign decoration contracts in line with national norms with the owners. Even some decoration companies will not write the remarks that the owners can deposit the balance of the deposit after the decoration is completed in the standardized decoration contracts. In addition, many netizens do not know much about the decoration, which leads to a passive situation when encountering similar problems, Wuhan home decoration website reminds netizens that when signing the decoration contract, netizens must pay attention to adding an additional supplementary agreement to the contract: after the decoration is completed, the final payment of 5% of the whole decoration cost is pledged as the quality guarantee deposit, and if there is no problem after 3 months, it will be returned in full, and if there is a problem, it will be deducted from the deposit according to the size of the problem

there are three suggestions for netizens about the deposit:

1. Anyway, we must keep the balance: many businesses, especially brand building materials businesses, will say that this is the rule of our industry, or that we can't deliver goods without paying the full payment. Don't believe it, as long as you fight with reason, you were the uncle at that time, and most of you will agree with what you said. If you paid the full payment, he would be the uncle, You will beg him later

2. When will the final payment be paid? What Xiaobian means is that the final payment can only be paid after all the things of the business are ready for you. If the decoration company needs to rectify, it can only be paid after rectification

3. The most essential thing is to find a reputable decoration company and business. The final payment is only a guarantee. For example, when we bought furniture, although we made a small down payment at that time, we forgot something when installing it, but we paid it off at that time. Later, it turned out that we had no problem with the law at the beginning, because later, the man was really trustworthy and helped us get it all done in a week. If you don't have a reputable business, even if you bet the final payment, you will be very tired

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