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Magde wooden door has introduced German Haomai production line, designed German t-door production capacity of 120000 kg/year, and strongly launched the "magde wooden door, floor" series products, which has strong productivity in the chain factory in Heilongjiang

Shenyang Jinuoer decorative materials Co., Ltd. (magde wooden door) is a fast-growing international manufacturer (Supplier) of green decorative materials. The company is headquartered in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, an important town in Northeast China, and has built a large modern production base covering an area of 50000 square meters; The German Haomai production line is introduced, and the production capacity of German t-door is designed to be 120000 樘/year, the production capacity of all kinds of flooring is up to 4million ㎡/year, and the impregnation capacity of decorative paper is up to 15million pieces/year; And strongly launched the "magde wooden door and floor" series products, and the chain factory in Heilongjiang has a production capacity of 160000 m3/year of high-density fiberboard

"T-shaped door" technology used by "Magdalene wooden door" comes from Germany. Magdalene wooden door adopts double curved ruler structure connection mode and internal and external three-layer sound insulation design, and is made of environmental protection accessories with international standards. The wooden door produced by it is not only beautiful and elegant in shape, with good sound insulation effect, which can effectively prevent the invasion of outdoor dust, but also has many characteristics such as green environmental protection, convenient installation, long-term use and so on. It is regarded as the most typical energy-saving wooden door. It can meet the needs of enterprises and institutions, home life, entertainment and other places, and create a healthy and comfortable quiet space for you

"Magdalene flooring" products include all kinds of laminate flooring, multi-layer flooring, and are equipped with flat buttons, high and low strips, corner panels and other accessories that match the installation and use of the floor; In addition to selling floors and floor accessories of different types and specifications all over the country, 80% of them are exported, which has won praise from users at home and abroad

the company has advanced production technology and reliable product quality; The product quality of "Magdalene flooring" has been CE certified by British certificate company; The company has passed the ISO9001 product quality management system certification, and has become a recommended supplier for the 12th National Games and an AAA credit enterprise. In 2013, it was awarded the titles of "leading enterprise in forestry industry in Liaoning Province" and "famous brand product in Liaoning Province"

based on the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first", magde wooden door sincerely provides you with the best products with high quality and fair price. Sincerely welcome all colleagues and customers at home and abroad to click our website at any time to deepen understanding and negotiate cooperation, so as to ensure that you can choose satisfactory products




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