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Colored glass should not be used in interior decoration

it is often inappropriate for someone to replace the original colorless transparent flat glass window with colored glass such as blue, green and tan in home decoration

colored glass belongs to special glass, also known as heat absorbing glass, which can usually block about 50% of sunlight radiation. For example, 6mm blue glass can only pass through 50% of solar radiation. Brown and bronze heat absorbing glass can only pass through 25% of the sunlight. Therefore, heat absorbing glass is suitable for building doors and windows or external walls in hot areas that need both lighting and heat insulation. In this way, it can not only play a role in heat insulation and anti glare, but also create a beautiful cool atmosphere. However, it can play a role in sterilization, disinfection and deodorization in most urban residential buildings. If it is blocked by these colored glasses, it is not worth the loss

in addition, some households have installed screen windows with a light transmittance of 70%. Combined with colorless and transparent ordinary glass, the total light transmittance is about 61%, which is just suitable. However, if colored endothermic glass is equipped, the light transmittance is only 35%, which will definitely affect the indoor lighting requirements. Some residents also closed the balcony with colored heat absorbing glass. The balcony is a place where the room is in direct contact with nature. It should not be closed, let alone decorated with colored glass

if you live in a blue gray, tawny and other weak light environment for a long time, the quality of indoor vision will inevitably decline, which is easy to make people physically and mentally exhausted, and will have a negative impact on health. Ordinary glass with high light transmittance should be used for indoor decoration, and shading equipment with convenient opening and closing should be equipped outside the window. Transparent or translucent and opaque window curtains can be installed indoors. In this way, it can not only play a good role in wind, rain, heat insulation, sound absorption and so on, but also fully enjoy the sunshine





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