Proposed waterproof material base of Zhihuo Keshun

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Keshun trapezoidal screw Co., Ltd. proposed waterproof material base Keshun Co., Ltd. recently announced that it plans to invest 50million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Fujian Keshun New Material Co., Ltd. in Mingxi County, Sanming City, Fujian Province. At the same time, the company plans to invest in the construction of Fujian intelligent production base of new waterproof materials according to the "input i/4" key in Mingxi County, and undertake the project with the newly established Fujian Keshun new materials Co., Ltd., with a total planned investment of about 700million yuan

the planned land area of the project is about 300 mu, which is divided into three phases. The proposed 50million square meters/year waterproof coiled material production line, 40000 tons/year waterproof coating production line, 40000 tons/year special coating production line, 100000 tons/year special mortar production line and 20000 tons. The center has a new UD belt system/year non curing asphalt and asphalt coating production line, 20000 tons/year chemical grouting material and concrete additive production line 50000 T/a nonwoven production line and other coatings. Among them, the phase I project is expected to be put into trial production before December 2021

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