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Proposal for sustainable development of digital publishing industry on July 17, 2007, at the sub Forum on digital publishing profit model and copyright protection of the second digital publishing Expo, more than 100 publishers including Science Press, people's education press, machinery industry press, people's Posts and Telecommunications Press and Shanghai Century Publishing Group jointly released the proposal for sustainable development of digital publishing industry, It calls on all links of the digital publishing industry chain to jointly regulate the market environment, take the initiative to resist pirated digital publications without the authorization of authors and publishers, protect the interests of publishers and authors from being infringed, and ensure the healthy development of the digital publishing industry chain. The publication of this proposal marks the close cooperation and alliance among publishers, libraries and digital publishing technology providers in the digital publishing industry chain to jointly combat the piracy of digital publishing. At the same time, it also shows the determination of the publishing house as the main body of digital publishing to catch up with the new wave of digital publishing and promote the benign development of digital publishing with other links of the industrial chain

in the development of the publishing industry in recent years, we have seen that we should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is vertical. The emergence and application of digital publishing has brought new vitality and vigor to the traditional publishing industry. It has quickly attracted the attention of many readers with its characteristics and advantages that traditional publishing does not have. However, in the process of its development, there are still some difficulties and problems in the effective stroke of the electronic tensile machine and the sample fixture. For example, the piracy of digital publications is serious, seriously disrupting the development process of the legitimate market; The backwardness of the obligee's consciousness of safeguarding rights makes piracy fearless; The digital publishing business model of some publishing units is not mature enough. All these problems require the joint efforts of all links in the digital publishing industry chain to realize the healthy, orderly and sustainable development of the entire digital publishing market

copyright has always been a difficult problem in digital publishing. The copyright of a publication includes the copyright of the author, the layout design right of the publishing house and the neighboring right, so the dissemination of e-books should also obtain the copyright of the author and the authorization of the publishing house, which is the complete authorization. Therefore, it has always been the focus of discussion and attention in the digital publishing industry to seek an operational mode that can not only preserve the interests of publishers and authors, but also form a benign industrial chain

in the current development process of digital publishing industry, although different copyright acquisition modes are in operation, the copyright solution mode of Founder Apabi is more representative. Through several years of efforts, in line with the principle of safeguarding the interests of publishers' authors, founder Abby has always adhered to the concept of "authorization before dissemination", actively explored on the road of genuine publishing, and worked with partners to find out the copyright authorization model of digital works with publishing houses as the main publishing body, that is, publishing houses obtain the authorization of copyright owners and publish e-books. Founder Abby provides a cooperation model of digital publishing technology and distribution services, It has been recognized by many publishers and copyright owners in the process of the production and completion of real lanterns by parents and children. This model actually continues the role and relationship between publishers and authors in the traditional publishing model, and can effectively protect the rights and interests of publishers and authors. Under this mode, only when the publishing house recognizes the inevitable trend and importance of digital publishing and makes preparations can it lead the healthy and orderly development of the whole industry. Therefore, the joint initiative of 100 publishers has important and far-reaching significance for the development of China's digital publishing industry

as a technology provider and Service Platform Builder in the digital publishing industry, founder Abby always adheres to the road of licensing before spreading the genuine edition, and adopts the mode of licensing by the publishing house before putting it into the market for distribution. The digital copyright protection technology (DRM) independently developed by founder Abby realizes the protection of digital content, prevents digital content from being copied arbitrarily under unauthorized status, and ensures the safe transmission of digital content. Based on such digital copyright protection technology, publishing houses can carry out digital publishing business safely and efficiently, and ensure that e-books are distributed in the form of copies within the scope of authorization. Up to now, more than 450 publishing houses in China have published e-books with the technology of Founder Abby, and the total number has reached 300000, which is the largest legal e-book library in a single language in the world. At present, the publishing houses cooperating with Founder Abby have achieved sales revenue, with 5 publishing houses exceeding 4million, 15 publishing houses exceeding 2million and more than 40 publishing houses exceeding 1million

Zhengwei, executive deputy general manager of Beijing Founder Abby Technology Co., Ltd., said at the forum that Founder Abby has been committed to helping publishers achieve independent digital publishing, creating a win-win business model with publishers, and building a harmonious digital industry chain, which is also the basis for the sustainable development of the digital publishing industry. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the premise for the establishment of the digital publishing industry chain is the need to reshape the role positioning. Individual digital content providers cannot independently take on the important task of solving user needs. Traditional publishing units are increasing cooperation with technical service providers, giving full play to their own advantages in cooperation and realizing their own value. In China, the development of the digital publishing industry also shows a situation of performing their own duties. For example, publishers and other content providers are good at processing content to the greatest extent and providing content services for readers; The publishing technology service company strengthens its technological innovation and R & D capabilities, provides technical services for publishing houses, maximizes the role of highways, and delivers excellent digital content to libraries and readers. Such industrial chain positioning is not only more orderly, but also can reduce their respective operating costs

after seven years of development, China's digital publishing industry has gradually entered the track of healthy development. As a well-known technology company, founder APPI has actively promoted the efforts to build a harmonious digital publishing industry chain with publishing houses, which has been highly recognized by the publishing industry. At the same time, the interests of publishing houses and copyrights have been fully guaranteed through the publishing house's centralized solution to the licensing mode of digital copyright. It can be said that with the joint efforts of publishers, libraries and digital publishing technology providers such as founder Apabi, digital publishing has entered a harmonious era of multi win

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