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Prospect analysis of low-voltage electrical appliances supporting products

the sales market of low-voltage electrical appliances in China is mainly in China, which is characterized by the close connection between the total demand and the development of power industry. According to relevant data, from 2001 to 2010, China's annual installed capacity increased by 21million kW. According to the empirical matching ratio, 480000 sets of low-voltage frame circuit breakers and 4.62 million sets of molded case circuit breakers are required every year. The demand for other low-voltage electrical supporting products is also considerable

in the international market, Japan, the United States, Germany and other industrial developed countries are the source and follow-up target of China's low-voltage electrical product technology introduction, as well as our strong competitors. These countries attach great importance to expanding overseas markets, have established mature trade relations with many regions, and are the main exporters of low-voltage electrical appliances in the international market. According to the data, at present, Western Europe is a potential big market. The switchgear put into operation in the 1980s in this region has reached the time for upgrading; The market capacity of low-voltage switching on equipment in Eastern European countries is expected to reach 7billion marks per year; The potential market capacity in the Asia Pacific region is expected to be about 8billion marks per year; Australia, North America, South America and Canada also have considerable market capacity, roughly US $35billion per year

I. technological innovation to enhance product competitiveness

the state attaches great importance to the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. As early as the early 1990s, the relevant departments of the State Council decided to list the development of intelligent circuit breakers as a key project of the eighth five year plan. Around 1999, the ma45 series intelligent circuit breakers of East China electric appliance, people's electric appliance and Changzheng No. 9 factory passed the product appraisal and have been supplied in batches. The successful development of intelligent circuit breakers represents the development direction of low-voltage electrical appliances in China. With the rapid development of electronics, microelectronics technology and computer information industry, low-voltage electrical appliances in China must keep up with the pace of the times and take the lead in achieving a qualitative breakthrough in the research and development field. In the coming period, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry should further optimize the product structure. While continuing to improve the performance, function and quality of the original products, the products with backward technology, large volume, high energy consumption and environmental pollution should be completely eliminated. In the future, the R & D direction of low-voltage electrical products should make great efforts in the direction of intellectualization, electronization, combination, modularization, standardization, and polyurethane complexation. According to the market development trend and product characteristics, modern technologies such as large-scale integration system should be widely used to realize the network communication of low-voltage electrical appliances, so that the products of different companies have better compatibility. Designers must have a strong sense of environmental protection, service and advance to continuously improve the comprehensive performance of products; At the same time, experts and scholars in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances in China should enhance their awareness, make bold innovations, actively explore, and solve technical problems such as fuse phase failure protection, incomplete specifications of isolation appliances, single varieties of quadrupole appliances, machine room safety and lagging research and development of emergency stop switches as soon as possible, so as to completely reverse the adverse situation in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances in China

II. Recognize the situation and define the new market pattern

the survival of the fittest in market competition. In recent years, China's low-voltage electrical appliance market has faced a severe situation of supply exceeding demand. Although the development of electric power, petrochemical, transportation, construction, aerospace and other industries has promoted the progress of the low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturing industry, due to the large number of production enterprises, more than 1000 private and state-owned enterprises have participated in the market competition. In addition, some foreign 5. Analysis, results and statements electrical appliance companies have entered the market, The intensity of the competition can be imagined. In the increasingly competitive environment, some powerful and influential enterprises go abroad and take the initiative to enter the overseas market. Since 2000, the export volume of China's low-voltage electrical products has increased year by year. Due to the state's attention, support and encouragement to the export of mechanical and electrical products, it can be predicted that the total export volume of low-voltage electrical products will increase steadily in the coming period

from the overall point of view, in order to make great progress, low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises must objectively analyze the product demand structure, market capacity, potential competitors and competitive strategies, and formulate outstanding and effective countermeasures. In short, they should make full use of modern marketing means, integrate internal resources, and firmly grasp a new round of growth opportunities for the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. As we all know, the development of low-voltage electrical appliance industry is closely related to the rapid growth of the whole national economy, and complements the scale effect of modern industry. Although the demand structure of various industries for low-voltage electrical products is different, there are certain laws to follow in general: for example, the ratio of the consumption of frame circuit breaker to that of molded case circuit breaker is about 1:9, the consumption of contactors, fuses, limit switches, etc. in the automatic control and electrical transmission industries is very large, and the number of oil delivery valves that should be cleaned for vacuum circuit breakers in the mining and chemical industries is large. Only by making scientific decisions and grasping the key points, can the manufacturers of low-voltage electrical appliances have a definite aim, which has formed a good industry scope advantage, effectively evaded business risks and won greater development space

after years of development, the design and manufacturing level of low-voltage electrical appliances in China has been greatly improved. The self-designed and manufactured products not only basically meet the needs of the national economy, but also some products have been exported to more than 60 countries or regions such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Practice shows that the strength of domestic low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturers to participate in market competition has been greatly improved. As long as we make breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, internal management and marketing, it is certain that China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry will have broad prospects

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