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Prospect forecast of domestic blow molding equipment in recent years, blow molding products, such as hollow containers and films, increasingly replace glass or metal packaging and are used in the fields of food, industrial products, household commodities, pharmaceuticals, etc. At present, domestic blow molding equipment can basically meet these needs, but at the same time, many enterprises also see the gap between their own products and those of developed countries, and have expressed that they should take the road of R & D to enhance their competitiveness

multi-layer coextrusion technology is the most important and promising production technology of hollow plastic products at present. Its development has changed the function and product structure of plastic hollow containers and adapted to the market demand. Scjc500, a special equipment for six layer plastic oil tank developed by the plastic machinery factory of Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd × The multi-layer co extrusion hollow blow molding machine has broken the monopoly of foreign products in this field in China. The machine adopts new technology to realize 100 point wall thickness control and ensure uniform vessel wall thickness. Fan Guang, the southwest business manager of the company, said that with the development of China's automobile industry, it is imperative that plastic fuel tanks replace iron sheet oil, except for single crystal and polysilicon preparation and processing technology boxes for solar cells with high pollution, high energy consumption and low photoelectric conversion efficiency, and multi-layer plastic fuel tanks instead of single-layer ones. The potential of replacing glass with plastic is also very great. Mengzihua, manager of Hengyang Huayi Machinery Co., Ltd., is optimistic about the market that plastic composite bottles replace glass bottles for beer packaging. He pointed out that, Plastic beer bottle "The implementation of green building has been successfully applied in foreign countries, but due to the high cost, it is not widely used. However, with the strengthening of the research on its barrier performance by various enterprises, it is likely to become an ideal beer packaging container, and this demand will drive the development of multi-layer Co extrusion hollow blow molding machines.

in the state of relatively saturated market, how to further strive for profit space is the most concerned issue for enterprises. Guangzhou Tong Dufengbing, general manager of dakangli Machinery Co., Ltd., stressed that in order to develop, enterprises must take the road of R & D and create differentiated products. "Three in one" plastic bottle liquid packaging system is the "work" of the company. The mold temperature is 100 (1) 50 degrees. The system realizes blowing, filling, heat sealing and trimming on the same machine. It is suitable for the packaging of oral liquid, injection, eye drops and liquid food. Manager dufengbing said with emotion: "at present, the market environment lacks a perfect protection mechanism for new product developers, giving some enterprises the opportunity to steal other people's technology. However, these enterprises that simply copy other people's products lack sustainable competitiveness, have no cost differentiation, and cannot survive for a long time."

madanjie, manager of Guangzhou Office of Guangdong Jinming Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd., expressed a similar view with an image metaphor: grade is like a triangle, while profit is like an inverted triangle. Therefore, Jinming company regards foreign enterprises as competitors and aims at the high-end market. 5. Concrete pressure testing machine when the test piece has not touched the upper platen. At present, it has many products to fill the domestic gap, and has been able to produce 9-layer film blowing equipment. Manager madanjie is not only confident in the future of his company, but also pleased with the development speed of blow molding equipment in China. She believes that although the overall domestic manufacturing level is 10-20 years behind that of foreign countries, it does not take the same long time to catch up. In the final analysis, the backwardness of the industry is due to the backwardness of the national quality. Foreign enterprises have a strong sense of quality, high standards and pay great attention to details. For example, she met a German sales executive who wiped a feeding funnel very clean. Domestic enterprises should start from bit by bit, improve step by step, and rely on the management system to regulate and promote all employees of the enterprise

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