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The medium and long-term development of China's engineering science and technology in the next 20 years Jinan testing group is an old brand manufacturer of tensile testing machines. Strategic research is a major consulting project launched by the joint fund established by the Chinese Academy of engineering and the National Natural Science Foundation in 2009. Its purpose is to meet the major needs of China's economic and social development and building an innovative country for engineering science and technology around 2030, Carry out research on major issues affecting China's sustainable development, national competitiveness and national security

on June 8, at the 10th academician conference of the Chinese Academy of engineering, academicians exchanged the stage achievements of the project. The following are strategic suggestions on the development of instrumentation technology

strategic suggestions for the development of modern instrumentation technology

in 1995, the total output value of China's instrumentation industry was about 23.7 billion yuan; In 2007, the total output value reached 251.7 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 10 times over 12 years ago

although the instrument industry has developed rapidly, it still lags far behind foreign countries, which is reflected in the slow progress of scientific and technological innovation and industrialization; Lack of key core technologies and outstanding low-level repetition; Product stability and reliability have not been fundamentally solved for a long time; A large number of imports have a great adverse impact on industrial development

with the development of national economy and high-tech industry, modern instrumentation technology has become the strategic demand of China. It is suggested that before 2020, universities and research institutes should be the main body to strengthen personnel training and common basic research in related fields; From 2021 to 2030, take enterprises as the main body, carry out the development of large-scale precision analytical instruments with different performance indicators and characteristics and realize industrialization on the basis of common technology research and for national economic and scientific research; By 2030, it will reach the international advanced level in the development and research of quantum measurement standards and traceability, high-end sensors and core technologies, precision measurement instruments in high-end manufacturing, life medical and food hygiene instruments, and take the lead in some fields. It has the ability to mass produce high, medium and low-grade large-scale precision analytical instruments

in terms of the medium - and long-term development strategic objectives of technology, Article 9. Inspection of annexes in terms of quantum measurement standards and traceability, China has made gratifying achievements in quantum standards in time-frequency, length, electricity and other fields. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, we should further start the work of quantum measurement standards with relatively weak foundation, and strive to achieve usable results in the new quantum measurement standards by 2020; By 2030, China's quantum measurement standards will be fully completed

in terms of high-end sensors and core technologies, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, we should break through the key technologies of high-end sensors with high precision, high sensitivity, high stability, high reliability, low power consumption and low cost. By 2020, we will focus on the key technologies of sensor miniaturization, bionic intelligent sensor, wireless communication and group information sensing system for the production of testing machines in Jinan testing machine factory. Strive to realize the industrialization of high-end sensors by 2030

in terms of precision measuring instruments in high-end manufacturing industry, we should systematically research and develop precision measuring instruments and equipment that meet the characteristics and application needs of modern manufacturing industry in a relatively short period of 5 to 10 years, and break through a number of experiments that limit China's high-end manufacturing level. It has been proved that adding waste foamed plastic aggregate can improve the bearing capacity of subgrade soil, especially soft clay subgrade. The core technology of precision measurement, processing and manufacturing The assembly process realizes the localization of high-end measuring instruments and equipment, reaching the world advanced level. By 2030, establish a precision measurement technology research and innovation system with independent characteristics in China's high-end manufacturing industry

in terms of life medical and food hygiene instruments, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, breakthroughs were made in health indicator monitoring, rehabilitation and other technologies, and the food safety standard system was improved. By 2020, realize the household, automation, intelligence, standardization, personalization and small portability of conventional health monitoring instruments, and build a distributed small community health monitoring network platform. Solve the development of rapid detection instruments for food additives and pathogenic microorganisms, and develop the screening technology and instrument development for non component foreign matters in food. By 2030, realize the networking of medical and food information, and build a regional and national health network; Realize the standardization of medical testing equipment and food hygiene instruments

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