Prospect of the hottest carton industry in Shangha

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The outlook of Shanghai's carton industry should be firm and reliable.

Shanghai is a big market for carton demand and supply, so it is also a place where carton production is intensive. "There are more than 1000 large and small cartons here. Through some research data, it is not difficult to find that the development of Shanghai's carton industry in the past few years is actually good, and the prices of many of our papermaking raw materials and downstream products have also begun to turn, This is actually very beneficial to the development of the paper industry. We can see that the purchase price of these raw materials has also increased by a small margin. In addition, the influence of some inventory cycle factors has also promoted the development of carton packaging to a certain extent, and the prices of these production raw materials have basically changed a little

let's briefly look forward to the development elements of the carton industry. First of all, we know that paper consumption can be greatly rolled. At present, due to the high movement efficiency and low heating, the bead wire rod can achieve high-speed transmission to promote the overall growth of the carton market. This is also one of the problems we should pay attention to. Then we should pay attention to the competition in the paper industry market, which will also affect the profits of paper enterprises to a certain extent

secondly, the investment speed of many paper-making enterprises has also begun to slow down, and the expansion speed of these enterprises has also begun to slow down, mainly because the capacity of the current carton industry will more or less begin to digest with the passage of time. Obviously, if the paper industry wants to develop in a real sense, it must reform, eliminate those with bad advantages, and then carry out large-scale restructuring to continuously expand the development of Shanghai's carton industry

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