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Proposal for the establishment of China's embedded system industry alliance

relevant units of the embedded system industry chain in China:

today, the embedded system has become the fastest growing and most widely used computer technology in the information industry. It is promoting the rapid development of various industries towards digitalization, intelligence and networking, providing a platform for 3C integration and networking The integration of IT technologies such as computer and digital processing provides strong support, and is an essential technology for the development of information technology in the whole society

in China, the popularization and application of embedded system technology has more practical significance for traditional industrial transformation, product upgrading and increasing added value. The development of embedded system technology will accelerate the research and development of China's independent intellectual property products, and is the best opportunity for Chinese manufacturers to change from "made in China" to "created in China". At the same time, the development of embedded system provides business opportunities for Chinese enterprises to face fierce market competition, timely carry out structural adjustment and transformation, improve product varieties and technical content, and increase output and market share. It will be a new growth point for the rapid development of the national economy

over the years, many embedded system research, manufacturing and education units and people in China have made long-term efforts to develop embedded system technology and promote its application, and have made considerable progress. However, the development level of embedded system technology in China, due to its low starting point and weak foundation, has a big gap compared with advanced countries, and can not meet the needs of China's information and economic development

embedded system is a special computer system designed and manufactured for specific applications. Therefore, the policy formulation, personnel training, project establishment, capital investment, etc. related to the development of embedded systems should be aimed at practical applications, based on meeting application needs and forming products, so as to achieve the effect of continuous development

embedded system technology is a cross industry and multi-disciplinary technology. The development of embedded system needs the support of software technology, integrated circuit manufacturing technology, microelectronics technology, precision manufacturing technology and other related technologies. At the same time, with the development of embedded system, it will put forward higher development requirements for related supporting technologies in terms of function, reliability, energy consumption, environment, cost, form, etc. Therefore, strongly supporting the development of embedded systems will also drive the rapid development of technologies in related industries

at present, the level of technology related to the development of embedded systems in China is unbalanced, the relevant industries do not match, the installation of special film tensile testing machine is not well connected between upstream and downstream units and products, the embedded system industry chain lacks mutual communication and interaction, and a good and effective cooperation model has not been formed

in order to accelerate the development of China's embedded systems and promote the application of embedded systems, we propose to establish China's embedded systems industry alliance, so that domestic units engaged in the research, production, education and other industrial chains related to the development of embedded systems can voluntarily join forces, and actively carry out research and development on substructures, reducers, electromechanical devices, pulleys, eccentric wheels Mutual cooperation between sensors and control cabinets research and solve common problems faced by the industry, cultivate various talents urgently needed by the industry, carry out cooperation on resource integration and complementary advantages inside and outside the alliance, formulate industry standards required for the development of the alliance, promote the connection between upstream and downstream units and products, implement the preferred inter unit cooperation system in the alliance, coordinate the relationship between units in the alliance Realize information and technology exchange and achievement sharing within the alliance

here, we hope that your company can actively respond to our initiative to establish China's embedded system industry alliance, agree to be the initiator of China's embedded system industry alliance, jointly make preparations for the establishment of China's embedded system industry alliance, and make efforts for the early establishment of China's Embedded System Industry Alliance

embedded system branch of China Software Industry Association

microcomputer Professional Committee of China Computer Society

integrated circuit design branch of China Semiconductor Industry Association

industrial computer professional committee of China Computer Industry Association

printing and imaging application branch of China Computer Users Association

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