Prospect of beer packaging and label market in 201

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Prospect of beer packaging and label market in 2014

with the improvement of people's living standards, beer accounts for a large proportion of people's daily consumption. It is predicted that from the medium-term development trend, the global beer production will maintain an annual growth rate of 2.4%, which also lays a foundation for the health of the beer label market, in which the most important development of common key technologies such as the extensive preparation of graphene materials and the measurement and characterization of micro/nano structures is broken through

according to the forecast and analysis report on brand competition and consumption demand investment in China's beer industry in released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the global beer market will develop rapidly, which will greatly promote the development of beer packaging and packaging label market. At the same time, such development opportunities also put forward higher requirements for China's packaging industry

this will be a good business opportunity for the packaging and printing industry, so whether this can be transformed into the growth power of the packaging market remains to be verified by practice, but its value for the beer packaging industry is self-evident. China's beer industry has become one of the industries with the fastest growth, the largest production and sales volume and the most fierce competition in the world beer market. In the next five years or so, there is still room for greater growth in this market

with the more and more extensive use of plastics, beer bottles have gradually got rid of heavy glass bottles and gradually developed towards plastic lightweight. For a long time, glass bottle has been the main container of beer, but its impact resistance and pressure resistance are poor, and there are potential safety hazards. It is of great market value to develop cheap and applicable substitutes. PET plastic beer is a new type of beer packaging container with tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation and yield strength. Its development has become a global research hotspot

in the face of such development opportunities, whether beer enterprises have the ability to seize them is a question to be considered. Packaging equipment is the most important equipment in beer production, including destacker, box unloader, bottle washer, filling machine, sterilizer, boxing machine, carton forming machine, paper box packaging machine, carton sealing machine, packaging machine for such composite materials as anode heat shrinkable film, stacking machine, etc. Beer packaging equipment is the part with the most technology introduction and the most balanced development in China's Beer machinery industry

the development of beer packaging machinery in China has been repeating the process of backwardness, introduction, imitation and backwardness. The development of China's beer packaging industry is mainly through the introduction, mapping and imitation of foreign equipment. At present, there are still two major problems

first, although China's beer packaging machinery industry is rich in products, it is limited by the development level of manufacturers and the product line is not perfect. Due to the technical level, the overall performance of the complete set of equipment is not good enough. Its comprehensive strength is limited. Some single machines have developed well, but the supporting equipment is not perfect, resulting in the performance of the whole production line being greatly reduced

second, the biggest dilemma facing the development of domestic packaging machinery industry is the weak awareness of intellectual property rights and poor R & D and innovation ability. There are few beer packaging machinery industries with independent R & D capability in China, and few are mastering the core technology of independent intellectual property rights at the international advanced level. There are many main reasons for this situation. The important thing is how to correctly view the technology research and development

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