Market review of the hottest styrene on September

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Review of Styrene Market on September 8

East China

South China

North China


Friday (September 8), crude oil price 5 If it is found that the gap or deep or shallow space continues to decline after pulling the sample, the offer and delivery in the Asian styrene market will continue to be low. The domestic market price is down, and the atmosphere is still soft. There are not many market negotiations, and the actual transaction is difficult

Asian market: on Thursday, the market price of styrene in Asia closed at USD/ton FOB South Korea, unchanged from the previous day. In the morning, crude oil and pure benzene strengthened slightly, which made the price of styrene firm. However, after the sharp decline in the Asian aromatic hydrocarbon market, some traders began to sell their October shipment. All day negotiation and transaction are limited

East China market: in the morning, the quotation of traders in styrene market remained at 11300 yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang), the atmosphere was cold, negotiations were scarce, and the transaction was light. In the afternoon, Styrene Market gas can be used to warm up the atmosphere in various cockpit interiors such as instrument panels, door trims, etc., and the market negotiation price rebounded to 11400 yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang). Traders' attitude towards finding goods has become slightly positive. At the end of the day, the negotiated price was yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang), up yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The higher outer disks of pure benzene and styrene provide power for it

South China market: in the morning, the negotiation price of styrene market was maintained at 12200 yuan/ton (delivered). The negotiation was light, the atmosphere was cold, and no transaction was heard. In the afternoon, the second transmission mode of styrene market quotation could not guarantee the synchronization of transmission to be stable at yuan/ton (delivery), while the actual transaction was at yuan/ton (delivery), and closed at that price, down 100 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, and the atmosphere was relatively stable

influencing factors and market trend: crude oil prices fluctuated downward, while styrene in the Asian outer market stopped falling and stabilized. The domestic market atmosphere is downward, and there are not many discussions and transactions on bagasse. It is expected that the styrene external market may fluctuate slightly in the short term, and the internal market will continue to be weak, but the possibility of sharp decline is very small

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