Trend of pentadiene in East China

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The trend of pentadiene in East China is

the trading volume is enlarged, and the market trading is active. The market reference price of polymer grade isoprene is 15000 yuan. The gasket should be made of red copper or aluminum alloy, up 400 yuan from late February; M-pentadiene was 7200 ~ 7400 yuan, an increase of 100 yuan compared with late February; Isopentene is 19100 ~ 19500 yuan, and the range of price fluctuation is significantly increased. The main features of the current market: first, the isoprene and isoprene markets invite users to inform each other that with the intervention of some distributors, the trading volume has increased and the price continues to rise; Second, the price trend of pentadiene downstream products is stable, which supports the price of pentadiene to a certain extent; Third, under the circumstance that market participants have great differences about the future market, the price fluctuation of isopentene has increased significantly

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