Market trend of some coating raw materials in the

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Market trend of some coating raw materials in Southwest China

triphenyl: the market supply is tight, and the price continues to rise. Due to the shortage of pure benzene in the market recently, the supply is relatively tight, traders are reluctant to sell, and the initiative to buy increases, so the price of pure benzene has increased significantly; Toluene and xylene market maintained a strong trend. The trend of upstream raw materials is rising, and the stock of manufacturers is not high, which supports the rise of ex factory quotation. Traders' reluctance to sell is rising, and the price continues to rise. At present, the market quotation of Southwest pure benzene is yuan/ton, the market quotation of toluene is yuan/ton, and the market quotation of xylene is yuan/ton. For specific technical problems of glass material zigzag strength testing machine, please consult the sales manager of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd/Tons

phthalic anhydride: the market fluctuated and rose, and the price rose sharply. Recently, the price of upstream raw materials has risen, the price of downstream products has slowly rebounded, and the market demand has gradually increased. In terms of supply, phthalic anhydride manufacturers transferred out the factory price, market inquiries increased, the trading atmosphere was more active, and the spot stock decreased. Traders' reluctance to sell increased, and prices rose. In the future, the phthalic anhydride market will continue to operate strongly because traders are looking at the high market. At present, the market quotation of phthalic anhydride in Southwest China is yuan/ton

acetic acid: Recently, the southwest acetic acid market is relatively stable, and the price rises slightly. The local main acetic acid supply is relatively normal, the downstream demand lacks effective growth, the market transaction is flat, the traders ship in general, and the small single quotation is slightly increased. In the future, the spot stock in the market is relatively loose, the trend of downstream products is weak, and the intention of end users to enter the market is flat, but the quotation of acetic acid manufacturers is relatively stable due to cost factors, so the price of acetic acid continues to be low. At present, the market quotation of Southwest acetic acid is yuan/ton

vinyl acetate: Recently, the spot stock of vinyl acetate Market in Southwest China is not high, and the initial products of DTC series detectors controlled by single chip microcomputer and TC series large screen LCD cable fault tester with small price have increased by more than 50 sets. The local vinyl acetate plant continues to be constrained by the tight supply of natural gas, and the operation is insufficient. At present, the inventory of vinyl acetate manufacturers is not high. Due to the low temperature in winter affecting the production of some downstream factories, traders' shipments are still slow, but their mentality is relatively stable, and the quotation is slightly increased. In the future, the market supply and demand structure is stable, and the initiative buying is relatively limited. The vinyl acetate Market is still dominated by narrow consolidation. At present, the market quotation of Southwest vinyl acetate is yuan/ton

methanol: the market trend is sluggish and the price fluctuates in a narrow range. The operating rate of methanol plants in this region is still low. The 400000 T/a methanol plant of Sichuan Lutianhua methanol plant and the 100000 t/a methanol plant of Sichuan Jiangyou methanol plant are still in shutdown due to the impact of natural gas supply, and the restart time is uncertain; The 90000 ton unit in Yibin, Sichuan is under normal operation, and the products are mainly sold in local and surrounding areas; Restricted by the tight gas supply, the 350000 ton/year methanol plant in Chongqing is under construction. The manufacturer has little inventory, mainly for its own use, and basically has no export sales. About 80% of the 450000 ton/year methanol plant of Chongqing Jiantao chemical started. Due to the low start-up of the local methanol plant as a whole, the inventory of the methanol manufacturer is not high, the shipment is stable, and the quotation changes little. Therefore, the quotation of the mainstream factory is RMB/ton. In the near future, the mainstream quotation for the transportation of goods from the northwest to Sichuan by railway is yuan/ton. The main methanol plants in Yunnan started smoothly, the manufacturers' shipments were normal, and the main methanol outlet quotation remained stable at yuan/ton

formaldehyde: the market trading is quiet, and the price rises slightly in stability. At present, the market demand remains stable, end users order according to their needs, and the trading volume grows slowly. The upstream raw material methanol has not improved, and the driving force for the price of formaldehyde is not strong. However, due to the low start-up of the formaldehyde device as a whole, the manufacturer's inventory pressure is not high, and the high-end quotation has increased slightly. In the future, due to the lack of bright spots in the downstream demand, the market trading atmosphere is not prosperous, and the formaldehyde market will still be consolidated in a narrow range. At present, the market price of formaldehyde in Southwest China is 1050 ~ 1200 yuan/ton

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