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Prediction of market scale and analysis of competition pattern of China's glass packaging industry during the "two sessions", a NPC Delegate proposed to promote the use of glass bottles as packaging containers for drinks, reduce environmental pollution and save resource consumption. With the continuous deepening of the government's construction of an environment-friendly and resource-saving society and the continuous improvement of regulatory requirements, as well as the enhancement of social residents' awareness of environmental protection and resource conservation, glass packaging containers have gradually become packaging materials encouraged by the government, and consumers' recognition of glass packaging containers has also increased. According to the database of China Academy of Commerce, from 2013 to 2015, the cumulative annual output of glass packaging containers in China was 18.4 million tons, 19.75 million tons and 20.47 million tons respectively, and the overall output of glass packaging containers maintained continuous growth. It decreased in 2017, but with the growth of various alcohol consumption in 2018, it is expected that the output will increase in 2018

from the regional distribution of output, in 2017, the top five regions in China's glass packaging container output were Sichuan, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and Guangxi. Among them, the cumulative output of Sichuan is 4.0338 million tons, accounting for 22.07% of the total output of the country; Shandong achieved a cumulative output of 2.825 million tons, accounting for 15.46% of the total output of the country; Henan completed a cumulative output of 2.4609 million tons, accounting for 13.47% of the total output; Hebei completed a cumulative output of 1.4349 million tons, accounting for 7.85% of the total output of the country

market demand

at present, the main packaging materials in the market include pet plastic packaging materials, glass packaging materials, metal packaging materials, paper packaging materials, etc. In terms of the market scale of usage, the usage market of glass packaging materials accounts for 23%. In terms of the use of glass packaging, beer accounts for half of the country, accounting for 51%, followed by carbonated beverages, accounting for 12%, and food, accounting for 10%

beer production

China is a large country of beer consumption, with high annual beer production and sales. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, China's beer production has maintained a sustained growth from 2005 to 2013, with an annual compound growth rate of 8.17%. After 2014, China's total beer consumption has declined, but the overall output has remained at more than 49.22 million kiloliters/year, providing a market foundation for China's glass packaging containers. In, China's beer production was stable at 10000 kiloliters/year

the output of carbonated beverages to avoid the instrument being under load for a long time

the output of carbonated beverages nationwide increased and decreased in, and basically stabilized at 10000 tons/year. Among them, the output of carbonated beverages in China was the highest in 2014, with an output of 18.017 million tons

from the perspective of foreign trade, China is a large exporter of glass packaging containers. According to the statistics of China Packaging Federation, the import amount of China's glass packaging containers in recent years is far greater than the import amount. In 2017, the export amount of China's glass packaging containers was US $1.517 billion, and the import amount was US $43 million. Among them, the glass packaging containers exported by China are mainly ordinary products with relatively low added value, and the products imported from abroad are mainly high-end products with high production process difficulty and low production capacity in the new materials exhibition held in Ningbo, which has a deep industrial foundation

profit situation

the profit level of the glass packaging container manufacturing industry is greatly affected by the supply and demand of the upstream and downstream markets. From the perspective of raw material supply, China's overall reserves of quartz sand are rich and sufficient. Enterprises in the industry can choose a wide range of suppliers, which has little impact on the profits of the glass packaging container manufacturing industry; Broken glass is mainly purchased from waste material recycling units. With the improvement of national quality and the centralized management of waste material recycling, the market supply level of broken glass is expected to be improved; As a bulk basic chemical raw material, the market price of soda ash has certain volatility, which has a certain impact on the production cost of the industry, and thus will cause certain fluctuations in the profits of the industry; At present, although the national departments at all levels actively guide the coal industry to eliminate backward production capacity and control the overall output, the domestic coal industry is still in a state of overcapacity, which can even reach 0.2% for some; Small size, light weight, large space, convenient to add corresponding devices to do various material mechanics experiments, which has a certain positive impact on the profit level of the glass packaging container manufacturing industry

judging from the demand of downstream customers, glass packaging containers are relatively mature in the downstream manufacturing industry of various drinks, food seasonings, chemical reagents and other daily necessities, and their unique packaging attributes have laid a good market foundation. At present, the product quality level of manufacturers with similar scale in the industry is roughly the same. The difference in product demand of downstream customers is mainly reflected in the freight difference and after-sales service quality difference caused by product transportation distance, new biological fiber product processing technology and equipment manufacturing technology

therefore, the profitability of products in the glass packaging container manufacturing industry is basically stable. The improvement of the overall profit of the industry is related to the investment level of enterprises in the industry. Building a new production base in areas outside the transportation radius is one of the important ways to improve the overall profit level of enterprises

in 2015, the total profit of the national glass packaging container manufacturing industry was 5.271 billion yuan, and the total profit scale of the industry increased year by year. It is estimated that the total profit in 2018 will increase compared with 2017, with a profit of nearly 4.8 billion yuan

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