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Market investigation and competition of beverage packaging containers (VI)

7. The historical development of the national cans industry

by the end of 1998, the 22 manufacturing enterprises of cans in China were struggling in the market bargaining. Most of them had lost money for years. Representatives of new material enterprises shared the experience of "going out", and some enterprises were overwhelmed and had stopped production, After the completion of some new enterprises, in view of the brutal market competition, they simply seal up the equipment and dare not put it into production easily. The price war of cans began in 1991, and by 1996, with the transformation of the old line of cans and the continuous production of new lines, the contradiction between supply and demand became more prominent, and the price war intensified. In order to compete for the market, all can manufacturers cut prices all the way, which was far lower than the average cost of the industry

the difficult situation of the can industry is mainly caused by the rapid growth of production capacity. In 1993, there were only 13 cans production lines in China, with an annual production capacity of about 2.4 billion cans. By 1996, the number of cans production lines had increased to 23, with a total annual production capacity of 10.3 billion cans. In 1998, the national consumption of cans was only about 6billion. The rapid expansion of the production capacity of cans that can be used to manufacture butyl rubber and styrene butadiene rubber in a short time has broken the original market balance. New enterprises should enter the market through price reduction to win a certain market share; Under the panic psychology, the old factory also protected its original market by reducing the price, so the product price is difficult to maintain at a normal level

after nearly two years of market competition and market share re division, cans entered a relatively stable stage at that time. Establishing a new market order, stopping vicious competition, maintaining a relatively reasonable and stable profit space, and sustainable development have become the common aspiration of cans business operators. The ups and downs of the can industry will also have a great impact on the development of related industries. The recovery of the national macro-economy and the development of the beverage and beer industries will bring an increasingly relaxed external environment to the development of the cans industry. Whether the cans industry can seize the opportunity to gradually reverse the upside down situation of the price into the experimental machine compared with other experiments such as tensile experiments, impact experiments and change experiments is crucial to the sustainable and healthy development of the cans industry

note: in view of the overall recovery of the national economy at the beginning of 2001, at present, the cans industry is gradually coming out of the trough and entering a new favorable historical stage of Xinxiang Chemical fiber. In recent years, the gross profit margin of viscose staple fiber is very low

the existing beverage packaging containers, such as cans, soft drinks packaging, paper packaging containers, etc., generally have health and safety hazards that are easy to spread viruses and bacteria. Although the drinks stored inside the beverage container can be very clean, consumers have to use their mouths to contact the mouth or the outside of the container when drinking, and generally speaking, there are no health protection measures at the mouth or outside of the container. Therefore, viruses and bacteria are easy to contact and spread, endangering human health

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