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Market Research and forecast of cup and cup lid packaging industry in the United States

Freedonia, Inc., in Cleveland, Ohio, recently published a research report called cups and cup lids. The report mainly analyzes the historical data of 1993, 1998 and 2003, and also gives a forecast of the covered Cup Packaging Market in 2008 and 2013. The following is a summary of the content:

the demand for cups and cup caps in the United States will reach 5billion dollars in 2008

the demand for cups and cup caps in the U.S. market is expected to reach 5billion dollars by 2008. TPE can also avoid problems such as extractable or leachable residues caused by curing agents. The driving factors of this growth mainly come from two aspects: the level of personal income used for expenditure continues to improve; The catering service industry has a promising future, especially for industries with large consumption of cups and covers, such as fast food restaurants and coffee and snack bars

although ordinary beverage cups will still occupy the main market, relatively small packaging cups will become the fastest profitable product - because their application demand prospects are good, and more new applications can meet consumers' requirements for small and convenient disposable packaging products, reactivating the whole market

consumers prefer healthy eating habits, and the sales of cups and cup covers have been further increased.

there are two major trends that stimulate the sales of packaged cups: eating habits are more healthy; Manufacturers' positioning of special consumer groups (such as children) is more accurate. Other fast-food restaurants are gradually turning to providing healthier meals, such as personal assorted fruit cups, which will also promote the sales of related packaging cups

the demand for cup caps is growing faster than the demand for cups themselves. On the one hand, the proportion of cups with caps is increasing, on the other hand, the demand for special caps with higher prices is also increasing. Nowadays, the consumption of portable drinks is increasing, and more and more restaurants adopt the practice of capping all disposable cups in the store for safety and health reasons, which has promoted the rising proportion of covered cups. However, it is expected that the most promising future will be the double cover packaging with a layer of flexible cover film and a hard cover. The continuous development of cup packaging applications and the special needs of consumers have played a role in promoting the development of such packaging

the catering service industry will still be the main market

it is said that the catering service industry accounted for 70% of the market share of cups and cup covers in 2003, and will continue to occupy the leading market position in the next few years. A series of new development trends in the catering service industry, but its monotonous color and relatively heavy weight are the shortcomings that designers have been unable to break through, which augur well for the packaging of cups and cup covers. These development trends include: some businesses turn to larger beverage cups, personalized printing on the cup body becomes more and more important, value-added packages are popular, and the consumption of portable beverages has increased significantly

the booming business of coffee bars and snack bars has stimulated the sales of cups and cup cover packaging. Many businesses use high priced paper hot cups, and the take out rate of drinks and food is also high, which also increases the demand for cup covers

our staff in the cup retail market also have a good prospect of debugging. Now more and more people like to spend time at home. Disposable cups are not only hygienic but also convenient to clean. In addition, the pharmaceutical and dental care market will continue to become the niche area of cup and cup cover packaging. With the growth of population and the aging of population structure, this market will have moderate development

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