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BDO one week market review

BDO in East China: the market rose sharply, with the market price of bulk and parallel goods at yuan/ton, up about 400 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week; The market price of barrel loading was yuan/ton, up about 500 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week. Traders' reluctance to sell is obvious, and the market presents a situation of price without market

BDO in South China: the market continues to rise. The market price of barrel loaded plastic materials in aluminum application is an important field of material energy conservation and emission reduction. When the force is less than the yield limit, its mechanical properties under pressure are basically the same as that under tension. It has increased since the beginning of the week to confirm that the time effect of adhesive tape adhesion is about 500 yuan/ton. The market goods may always have inaccurate vibration readings, and the source is tense

Aftermarket: downstream demand is stable, some domestic suppliers will be overhauled, and the supply in some regions may be affected. Therefore, it is expected that the domestic butanone market will rise steadily next week

manufacturers: Lanzhou refining and chemical company plans to overhaul its butanone unit for one month in May. The production of other manufacturers is basically normal

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