Pepsi Cola launches new packaging for Expo

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Pepsi Cola launches new packaging for the Expo

recently, Pepsi Cola launched a Pepsi Cola Shanghai Commemorative and increasingly extensive packaging of Pepsi harmony bottles. This limited edition new packaging was warmly welcomed by consumers as soon as it was launched

according to insiders of Pepsi, PepsiCo harmony Shanghai Commemorative Pepsi Cola has been sold out in less than three weeks since its launch, and the first batch of 13000 boxes and about 300000 bottles of products have been announced. This new package is tailor-made for the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo. It adopts the technology of full package bottle composite laser film on the packaging material; In terms of design, two popular art sculptures, harmony panda and harmony panda, which are on display in the Shanghai WorldExpo Park, are printed on the bottle, embracing the Pepsi logo ball in metallic color, red and blue; The combination of the brand logo on the bottle, the schematic design of Shanghai landmark buildings, and the creation of harmonious panda, the home and Pepsi Xing written by Zhang Huan, a professional after-sales author of the south new era experimental machine, make this Pepsi harmonious bottle packaging unique Chinese traditional charm and has collection value

this package is not only sold in the U.S. Pavilion of the WorldExpo, but also sold in Carrefour, Wal Mart, RT mart, Tesco's large stores all over Shanghai, as well as nearly 3000 chain convenience stores of Kedi and Haode

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