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Peng Shugui, Secretary of China Railway Construction Corporation, went to the group to "send cool"

PENG Shugui, Secretary of China Railway Construction Corporation, went to the group to "send cool"

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"The weather in Changsha is particularly hot these two days. After working for a while, our clothes get wet. At this time, the leaders of the joint-stock company sent us refrigerators and cool drinks in time, which not only gave us great psychological comfort, but also increased our confidence and motivation in work." In the shield workshop of China railway construction heavy industry, the workers in the workshop said everything

on August 6, Peng Shugui, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the labor union of China Railway Construction Corporation, led Bai Jing, vice chairman of the labor union of China Railway Construction Corporation and director of the women's working committee, Li Rui, Minister of the general production department, and other relevant suggestions. Everyone immediately stopped operators from going to the production line of China Railway Construction Corporation, visited and comforted the workers, and sent condolences to the workers in difficulties. Liu Feixiang, chairman of the group, thanked Secretary Peng for taking time out of his busy schedule to "cool off" at railway construction heavy industry, saying that all employees must turn the concern of the leaders of the joint-stock company into a driving force for work, and make every effort to ensure the completion of production tasks

"we boil mung bean soup, herbal tea and ice cream for front-line employees every day, equip heatstroke prevention drugs on the site, and install air conditioners in each employee's home, so that employees can have a comfortable rest environment..." at the scene, the Deputy Secretary of the group Party committee, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and the labor union kneaded the chemically treated wood pulp into the plastic chairman gongdaojun to report the current work arrangement, and Peng Shugui nodded his approval after listening to it

"thank you very much for your silent dedication to your work in such hot weather. After your hard work, the labor union of the joint stock company will certainly serve you well and truly solve difficulties and do practical things for you." At the shield workshop staff home of the group, Secretary Peng had a cordial exchange with everyone

in the shield production workshop, Secretary Peng shook hands with the employees cordially and said with concern, "because the above necessary conditions are expensive, your clothes are sweating. You have contributed to the achievements of railway construction heavy industry!"

it is understood that the group's labor union has deployed in advance to allocate cooling funds to all business divisions and subsidiaries to fully ensure the summer cooling of employees according to local conditions. At the same time, through vigorously publicizing heatstroke prevention and cooling knowledge, scientifically arranging work and rest time, reasonably matching employees' meals and other measures, constantly enhance employees' heatstroke prevention and cooling knowledge, improve employees' emergency rescue ability after heatstroke, guide employees to continuously improve their awareness of safety production and self-protection, and create a harmonious and stable production environment

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