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Pengmingfu in the story of Sany wealth creation: love equipment like family members

pengmingfu in the story of Sany wealth creation: love equipment like family members

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Peng Mingfu, from Chongqing, was originally a benchmarking customer of a foreign brand. He bought the first Sany excavator in March, 2011. In the process of using, I found that Sany excavator had excellent performance and timely service. Then B. PID control strategy was adopted to realize the closed-loop control of displacement. I bought 11 Sany excavators continuously with my relatives and friends

under the influence of Peng Mingfu, the good reputation of Sany excavator has been widely spread locally, and Peng Mingfu has also become a benchmark customer of Sany. Peng Mingfu takes great care of excavators and will personally inspect each excavator on site every month. He has his own way of managing excavators. Under his management, even after several years of intensive use, the failure rate of some excavators is still extremely low. Among them, the use time of sy135 excavator with the longest purchase time has reached 9400 hours, and that of sy75 excavator has reached 8100 hours. However, the hydraulic system has no fault, and the performance of the whole machine is still excellent. If the polyurethane exterior wall insulation material installed on the vehicle is gradually accepted by the market with its good performance, the spring has not passed the strict test, and has become a "hero" to help him become rich

one day, on a construction site in the outskirts of Chongqing, a semi-new sy135 excavator crusher focused on hitting the hard shale on the ground. With the rumble of the machine, dust and debris filled the ground. This is a Sany sy135 excavator purchased by Peng Mingfu in March 2011, which has worked for 9435 hours. Although the crusher has been used for a long time, it is still "strong". Not far away, Peng Mingfu stood quietly and carefully watched the working state of the equipment

he still clearly remembers the scene when he bought the excavator back. At that time, he was still a small boss who had been involved in the excavator industry for a short time. For four years, with low fuel consumption, low failure rate, powerful and comfortable operation, it is impossible to remember how many construction sites this excavator has built for itself. Life is like a battlefield. This experienced excavator has not only helped me get rich, but also witnessed my struggle

Mr. Peng said that if you buy a excavator back, you should love it like your family, because it makes money for you and works for you until it becomes a pile of scrap iron. "I have deep feelings for each of my excavators and hope that they will be" healthy "and" live a long life ". My excavator operator never changes easily. I also ask the operator to love the excavator as well as his family. Maintenance must be carried out every 500 hours; As long as there is a small problem, it must be dealt with immediately without delay. "

"I will inspect the construction site irregularly every month. If I find that the maintenance node has been exceeded for 50 hours, or there is water shortage, oil shortage, dirty appearance, dirty cab, untreated faults, inadequate safe operation, etc., I will criticize and educate the operator. At the same time, the operator will also be encouraged to take good care of the excavator."

speaking of Sany, Peng Mingfu mostly mentioned such a person, who is zougong, Sany after-sales service engineer. Peng Mingfu told that Zou Gong had been responsible for the after-sales service in the main urban area of Chongqing for more than four years. Every time he passed the construction site, he would make a simple inspection for his excavator. "Zou Gong knows all kinds of performance conditions of this excavator very well. As long as there is any abnormality, he will find and deal with it in time. It is these inconspicuous inspections that make the equipment avoid downtime." Peng Mingfu said that I very much agree with Sany's after-sales service (1) the shape and size of the sample are shown in Figure 2 (2), figure 2 (3), figure 2 (4) and table 2 (1) and table 2 (2). Only such after-sales service, such after-sales service engineers, can excavators be used for a long time. My persistent love for the excavator made others very confused, but Sany let me find a bosom friend. "Be a man first and then do things. Quality changes the world."—— Sany excavator did it

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