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Siemens PLM: perfect integration of people, process and information

imagine that if you are a sales engineer of an aeroengine equipment manufacturer, the new engine design needs to be modified due to changes in customer needs, and customers are very demanding on time. Through the system provided by PLM (full life cycle management) scheme, you can contact engineers in R & D centers all over the world, and let them make collaborative design changes in different places on a common platform. At the same time, a large amount of data of surrounding environment and parts affected by engine design changes are extracted and displayed, which greatly shortens the product R & D cycle

also in this case, the customer thought that the cost of modifying the scheme was too high. The management who was traveling abroad passed this problem to the cost department through the mobile terminal equipment. PLM screened a large amount of data and presented it to the relevant person in charge of the cost department with a detailed cost factor change interface. After analysis, the cost department passed the correct decision to the R & D, production and manufacturing departments in turn, The whole workflow realizes the connection from the front end to the back end, which not only helps customers improve time efficiency, reduce R & D costs, but also improves their market competitiveness

a few years ago, this seemed to be an Arabian scene. Now, more manufacturing enterprises are familiar with PLM and enjoy the value it brings

as a global PLM market leader, Siemens PLM Software can provide a complete set of business solutions, effectively integrate people, processes and information, and support the full life cycle management of collaborative research and development, management, distribution and use related to products. Siemens PLM Software's hd-plm framework (holographic PLM) can better realize the right time, accurately provide intelligent information to the right people in the right environment, and help customers achieve a higher level of productivity and product quality

this is the vision of hd-plm and the goal of Siemens PLM. Mr. chuck grindstaff, global president and CEO of Siemens PLM Software, said at the press conference of 2013 Siemens PLM Software China User Conference held on May

With the development of high and new technologies such as electronic information, computers, materials and modern management technology, the manufacturing industry is changing from a labor-intensive traditional manufacturing mode to an information intensive advanced manufacturing mode. The increase of collaborative personnel, the increase of the amount of information, the improvement of complex decision-making and process complexity and many other practical challenges lead to the increasingly difficult development of excellent products

these new trends have spawned many new design and manufacturing methods, such as IPD (integrated product development), digital design and manufacturing technology based on MBD (model-based definition), system engineering, and environment-oriented manufacturing and design. At the same time, they have also led to the popular applications of a number of management information systems, such as ERP, CRM, SCM, etc

in contrast, PLM is quite different. Its solution is complete and open, allowing users to freely use and combine all kinds of required tools and information, bringing value-added effects to the whole product life cycle

according to Mr. chuck grindstaff, PLM can effectively integrate IPD design ideas and new methods and ideas such as MBD and Se, establish a unified collaborative work platform for various activities involved in the whole product research and development, from design, manufacturing to application, maintenance, service to product scrap and recycling, and support the rapid, variable and sustainable development of products, It has become an effective tool for manufacturers to integrate and improve product life cycle processes

through the hd-plm framework of Siemens PLM Software, all people involved in product development can get all kinds of information they need anytime, anywhere, so as to make better decisions. Mr. chuck grindstaff explained that they don't have to search for information. Information will come to them on their own initiative, and they don't have to interpret the information they receive. Intuitive and understandable information can better meet personalized use requirements

it is not difficult to find that the key of hd-plm is to obtain the most valuable information from a large number of complex data. To achieve this, Mr. chuck grindstaff believes that it is first necessary to sort out any system composed of a large number of complex processes. Enterprises need to have an accurate understanding of the current process status, the next generation process and the situation that future processes need to achieve, such as the current data flow status of enterprises Personnel interaction, etc. Taking this as a starting point to implement PLM will be very successful. Mr. chuck grindstaff added

in fact, it is common for an enterprise to disperse the design and manufacturing process of a project to different geographical locations, and the specialization of each division of labor is increasing. Under the PLM solution, employees in different roles can obtain the most suitable information in the simplest and fastest way, making collaborative design and manufacturing possible. At the same time, if there is a change, people in all aspects can immediately know and deal with it, which is the value of PLM to customers

industry application system modeling

it can be seen that PLM breaks the technical barrier of communication among product designers, product manufacturers, sellers and users. Through interconnection and collaboration, PLM can enable the company to make rapid progress in product design and innovation, while shortening the development cycle, improving production efficiency and reducing product costs

nowadays, the development of manufacturing industry is making PLM applications flourish. Siemens PLM Software has 7100 customers worldwide to judge lithium battery technology, especially 3-cell battery technology, with an installed capacity of nearly 7million. For various industries, Siemens has proposed PLM solutions, best practice consulting and system implementation services based on the business characteristics of different industries, deeply integrating PLM technology with enterprise business processes, Help users improve their core competitiveness

after the implementation of Teamcenter, a Siemens PLM Software product, the basic design time of brilliance golden cup has been reduced by 20%, which greatly reduces the cost and significantly improves the reuse rate of parts and information. By using Teamcenter, we can centrally manage product data, improve the design reuse rate, reduce workflow, and improve the efficiency of data retrieval and application process. Therefore, we can also improve the productivity of designers and shorten the product life cycle, It saves the development cost and enhances the independent development ability and competitiveness of the company. Guosihan, director of the data information department of Brilliance Automotive Engineering Research Institute, recalled that Teamcenter has promoted many of our improvement measures, and its value is far beyond the initial research and development scope. Within the company, more and more departments are used

this solution of brilliance golden cup is only a typical application of Siemens PLM Software in China's automotive industry. It is understood that the top 20 auto suppliers in the world all adopt the cad/cam/cae solution of Siemens PLM Software. In 2013, Siemens PLM Software also won the best plmcdw-196 ℃ impact test American standard liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank in China at the grand ceremony of China's automobile industry. It is the liquid nitrogen refrigeration equipment solution supplier newly developed and developed by our company according to the requirements for ultra-low temperature devices in gb229-2007 "metallic materials Charpy Notch Impact Test Method"

in addition, Siemens PLM Software has been widely and successfully applied in aerospace industry, locomotive and rolling stock industry, shipbuilding industry, high-tech electronic manufacturing and other industries

when it comes to easier processing and how to respond to the changes in the needs of different PLM users, Mr. chuck grindstaff said that the biggest change at present is that user needs gradually show the characteristics of cross industry and cross field, that is, with the development of the world economy, Siemens PLM Software has been emphasizing the whole system modeling, that is, the whole system model or system driven design, including functional model, logical model, and even more specific design. In other words, for customers, their engineering design team has changed from focusing on the management of the design process and the parts themselves in the past to preserving, absorbing and utilizing all the knowledge and experience generated in the whole life cycle. This will be of great help to the future development of PLM applications. Mr. chuck grindstaff added

with the help of the current rich practical experience in various industries, Siemens PLM Software will also focus on the development of PLM applications in high-tech electronic manufacturing, consumer products (footwear products, clothing products, packaging consumer goods), as well as energy drilling industry, offshore platforms, etc. We will focus on the industry and provide extensive support for each industry. Mr. chuck grindstaff finally stressed

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