Peng Shou, the hottest heavyweight, won the Oscar

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Heavy! Peng Shou won the "Oscar Award" in the world glass industry

Peng Shou, President of China building materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute and the representative of Chinese scientists who made the world's thinnest glass, won the "crown", which also made him the first Chinese scientist to win this honor in the field of faulty glass technology of Jinan gold testing tensile machine in the world

On October 15, local time, the American Conference on materials science and technology and the 120th annual meeting of the American Ceramic Society were held in Columbus, Ohio. The chairman of the Advisory Committee of the International Glass Association and the director of the State Key Laboratory of new technology for float glass Peng Shou, President of China building materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, was awarded the "silicate technology innovation leader award"

the "silicate technology innovation leader award" of the American Ceramic Society is selected by the American Ceramic Society all over the world every year and awarded to scientists who have made outstanding contributions to promoting scientific and technological progress and frontier technology development in the field of silicate in the world. It is known as the highest personal achievement award in the field of silicate in the world at present

the award is voted by members of the American Ceramic Society in secret ballot. Only two people win this award every year, one from the United States and the other from other countries outside the United States. With many world leading achievements in the field of glass innovation, especially in the field of ultra-thin electronic information display glass, Peng Shou was unanimously recognized by international peers, and was finally elected with a high number of votes. He and John ors, a famous scientist in the field of engineering ceramics in the United States, became the winner of 2018

innovation driven "compared with the corresponding thermosetting materials, Chinese glass" has entered the "leader" from "following"

glass is a silicate non-metallic material. Six months ago, 0.12mm glass won global attention and admiration once it was released

Peng Shou won this honor not only because of this 0.12mm glass. Behind the honor is the leap from "following", "parallel" to "leading" in China's glass technological innovation and independent intellectual property achievements relative to the world's leading level

Chinese scientists won this International Award for the first time, creating the first time that scientists in the field of glass technology have been awarded this award since its establishment, marking the world's full affirmation and recognition of China's glass technological innovation and independent intellectual property achievements

ultra thin limit challenge, the next step is to tackle 0.1mm

it is understood that China building materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute will also carry out cooperative research and development and talent training with high-end universities such as China University of science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, United University of technology and so on, so as to cultivate more forward-looking and leading innovation achievements and create a leading innovation platform in China and the world

at the same time, China building materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute will continue to break through the ultra-thin extreme value, focus on tackling 0.1mm ultra-thin electronic touch glass, and create a "state-owned electronic tensile testing machine, such as LDX (3) 00 universal material testing machine and silicon-based new material manufacturing innovation center"

PENG Shou said that in recent years, the two experimental methods and experimental methods of CSCEC are generally 1. The sample material group has continuously accelerated its industrial layout in Anhui, with Kaisheng group and China building materials Bengbu Institute as the core, with a cumulative investment of more than 30billion yuan, and has opened up the China information display glass industry chain and solar photovoltaic glass industry chain across the board, opening up a path of scientific and technological innovation, high-quality development, and supply side structural reform

in the manufacturing industry, China building materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute has changed glass equipment from pure import to export. Huainan coal machinery will be transformed and upgraded to become an equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating photoelectric equipment, new energy equipment and coal mining equipment

in addition to 0.12mm ultra-thin touch glass, ultra-thin high aluminum cover glass was successfully rolled off the production line in Bengbu in April this year. In addition, "the 8.5 generation TFT glass substrate with independent intellectual property rights will also be put into production in Anhui at the end of this year." Peng Shou said that so far, the "four pieces of glass" of the electronic information display industry have been mastered, "Realizing China's entry into the" leading "state from" following "in the field of information glass."

Bengbu Institute has now become one of the scientific research institutes with the strongest technological innovation ability, the strongest achievement transformation ability and the widest scope in the domestic silicon-based new materials industry. Its scientific research and innovation strength is leading the country. It not only masters the world-class technology in the field of silicon-based new materials, but also develops 0.12mm ultra-thin touch glass, TFT-LCD ultra-thin glass substrate, ultra white photovoltaic glass, hollow glass beads, copper indium gallium selenium thin film batteries A number of high-end products, such as cadmium telluride thin-film batteries, have broken the foreign monopoly. At the same time, they also use the new technology of glass to develop smart agriculture

in recent years, Bengbu Institute has made fruitful and gratifying achievements in scientific research and innovation. Bengbu Institute has 32 national, provincial and ministerial innovation platforms, has undertaken 11 National 863, 973 and science and Technology Support Program projects, won 3 National Science and technology progress awards, more than 90 provincial and ministerial science and technology achievement awards, and obtained more than 1769 authorized patents

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