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Design scheme of visitor visual intercom system

as a necessary access control system, the building intercom system uses to identify visitors and prevent miscellaneous personnel from entering and leaving at will. The building intercom system we designed for this community adopts Jiale brand dh-1000a building visual intercom system, which can complete the functions of building visual intercom, emergency alarm, image monitoring and remote unlocking, and provide a complete solution for the safety of residents. Jiale building intercom system plays an important role in the daily comprehensive management of the community and the safety of owners with its clear image, intercom and intelligent control

dh-1000a series products have passed the inspection of Fujian technical defense testing center and the product quality supervision, inspection and testing center of the security alarm system of the Ministry of Public Security (the highest authoritative testing organization). This system is suitable for villa areas and multi-storey and high-rise buildings, and integrates doorbell, intercom, visualization, monitoring, locking and calling access control IC card management. Indoor extensions do not need coding, and extensions can be interchanged. Faults and short circuits do not affect the normal use of the system

II. System composition

the whole system is composed of ladder visual host, user indoor visual extension, visual doorbell (optional), interlayer distributor, management center, uninterruptible power supply, etc

each stairway entrance is equipped with a stairway visual host, which can be used to appeal to residents or management center. When entering the stairway iron door, the owner can use IC card induction to open the electric lock, and at the same time, the first filter is carried out for outsiders to avoid visitors entering the floor stairway casually; The visitor can call the resident through the ladder host, and the resident can pick up the microphone to talk with it (visual function), and decide to accept or refuse the visit; After the resident agrees the visitor to enter, open the electric lock of the building door by remote control. The visual extension installed in the owner's room can dialogue and identify visitors, and the owner can remotely unlock the lock. When an incident occurs in the household, the household can use the visual intercom extension to call the security room of the community and seek support from the security room. Install a management center machine in the security monitoring center for receiving users' emergency help and calls

III. system functions and characteristics

1. Excellent model selection quality, scientific and durable configuration, reasonable system structure, simplified wiring and convenient maintenance, and optimal combination of overall performance and price

2. It conforms to the current development trend of intelligent, modular, free configuration, integration and compatibility of intercom system

3. The outdoor host adopts micro operation stable computer chip to control various working states such as calling, ringing back, hanging up, calling, unlocking, etc. It is highly intelligent, and the circuit is super stable and reliable

4. The host panel is equipped with advanced surface treatment technology, which is durable and beautiful

5. The host control part takes the American microchip microcontroller chip as the core, and comes with a watchdog circuit to ensure the long-term stable operation of the system. At the same time, the static power consumption is extremely low, and the static power consumption of the whole machine is only 0.1W

6. The voice transmission of the system adopts the lossless listening and coding technology to ensure that there will be no information transmission conflict and leakage, so there will be no damage or loss of the transmitted information. At the same time, a variety of error detection measures (such as parity check, CRC cyclic redundancy error detection) are also adopted in the system to make the transmission of voice signals accurate

IV. system structure

the whole system adopts the hierarchical distributed control principle and uses modular design technology to organically combine many functions. The whole system has two levels of control and four layers of equipment, forming a tree bus distributed control communication network. The serial bus structure communication mode is adopted for the level control connection, which simplifies the system connection and facilitates the construction and installation. The equipment on each layer has good interchangeability, and has the functions of fault detection and location and line protection. The signal transmission distance is long, safe and reliable, and the lossless listening technology is adopted to avoid signal blocking and loss

the visual intercom host adopts the bus connection of four core signal lines and a video line. An inter floor distributor (dh-1000a-j) is placed in every four households and is equipped with one to four indoor visual extensions (dh-1000a-g). Each elevator position (but not more than 16 households) of the extension power supply is centrally supplied by an uninterruptible power supply (dh-1000-u). The power supply adopts switching power supply, which can meet the work within a wide voltage range and reduce the interference of power frequency to the system

the intercom system consists of two-level control and four layers of equipment: the user's indoor extension (dh-1000a-g), the interlayer distributor (DH-1, which sends the angular displacement signal to the computer for data processing 000a-j), the outdoor visual intercom host (dh-1000a-c), and the management center (dh-1000a-m)

European Outdoor visual host (dh-1000a-c) (built-in contactless access card reader)

installation position: at the entrance of each stairway

the host panel is equipped with advanced surface treatment technology, which is durable and beautiful. The use of large LED digital tubes makes it more luxurious. The camera is the original SONY company's high-definition low illumination black-and-white camera, which is equipped with night infrared compensation. Even at night, you can see high-quality images. The keyboard adopts stainless steel keys and is equipped with luminous lighting to facilitate visitors to use the system. The host is anti-collision and waterproof


· you can call and talk with residents through the outdoor host keyboard, and execute the unlocking instruction sent by the user's extension, open the electric lock, and allow visitors to enter

· by typing "999", visitors or residents can call the management center directly and talk with it. At the same time, they can also execute the unlocking instruction sent by the management center to allow visitors or residents to enter

· through the keyboard of the outdoor host at the door of the unit, each resident can set their own independent resident password (or modify), which can be used to open the electric door lock or remove/deploy the burglary alarm of the resident. At this time, the indoor extension of the resident has a prompt tone and reports and records to the management center

· through the non-contact of the outdoor visual host, it becomes an open-loop IC card reader. Residents can use the IC card to open the electric door lock or remove/deploy defense, and report and record to the management center at the same time

· each time the electric lock is opened, the outdoor host detects the closed state of the door through the door magnetic switch installed on the door, and notifies the management center to register. At the same time, the outdoor host timing, when more than a certain time, the host sends out a door unclosed prompt sound, and reports to

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