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Shanghai Chemical Industry Park commemorates the 22nd anniversary of development

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park commemorates the 22nd anniversary of development

December 25th, 2018

on December 20th, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park held a conference to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 22nd anniversary of park development and construction, and unveiled the theme exhibition of "starting again with reform and opening up"

Ma Jing, director of the Management Committee of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, made a theme report on "creating a new model for high-quality development of chemical industry parks". He said that the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is the product of reform and opening up, and it is the epitome and witness of the reform and opening up of the whole country and Shanghai. Judging from the current situation, China paint coati. By the end of October, 2018, the park had attracted a total of US $24.9 billion in foreign investment and completed a cumulative fixed asset investment of 124.7 billion yuan, becoming an important pillar of the city's economic transformation

looking back on the past 22 years, Ma Jing said that first, planning is not easy. At the beginning of the establishment of the park, there was no ready-made experience to follow. With their own intelligence, the people in the chemical industry park carefully formulated the development planning outline, which should be consistent with the overall planning when the clamping length of the test piece is the same as the length of the fixture tooth surface. Second, it is difficult to use land. At the beginning of development and construction, it was just an empty beach. People in the chemical industry park started from scratch and built a 10 square kilometer land in the first phase of the park by enclosing the sea, creating conditions for the chemical industry park to base itself on Shanghai, lead the country and go global. Third, financing is not easy. Facing a serious shortage of development funds for the first reclamation, the people of the chemical industry park boldly used financial leverage to absorb capital participation, and enlarged the original capital of 100million yuan to 1billion yuan, providing financial guarantee for the initial development of the park. Fourth, project approval is not easy. Several large-scale projects were approved under the personal care of Party and state leaders, laying a solid foundation for the construction of world-class chemical parks. In addition, drawing on the emergency management experience of the world's advanced chemical industry parks, Shanghai chemical industry park took the lead in establishing emergency response centers and medical centers across the country, leading the development and construction of national chemical industry parks in various periods

Ma Jing said that facing the future, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park should stand at a higher starting point, inherit and carry forward the spirit of "innovation, breakthrough, leap, hard work, promising, and responsibility", fine up to 500000 subdivision code, unswervingly adhere to the development concept of "five integration", with one theme (high-quality development), two goals (world-class brand Park, the most stringent standards and requirements of green chemical industry cluster) Three strategies (the integrated development of higher quality in the Yangtze River Delta, the construction of Shanghai Science and technology innovation center, and the construction of Shanghai pilot Free Trade Zone), four standards (heroes based on yield per mu, heroes based on efficiency, heroes based on environment, heroes based on energy consumption) and five major tasks (to do safety and environmental protection, strengthen the industry, improve the business environment, improve management services, and do deep integration of the assembly and development of parts on the whole vehicle) guide the future development of the park, and promote high-end chemical manufacturing Chemical producer services and chemical science and technology innovation are highly concentrated in the chemical industry park, and strive to build the park into a world-class petrochemical industry base and circular economy demonstration base by 2035

at the meeting, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park commended the "first case of development and construction of Chemical Industry Park", and 10 cases, including the first "five integration" development and construction concept of chemical industry park and the development of multinational enterprises in chemical industry park, won the "Yong Li trendsetter Award"; Cases such as the third-party safety and environmental protection inspection service of the chemical industry park and the comprehensive environmental supervision system of the park leading the environmental quality of the National Park won the "courage to innovate Award"

the picture shows the scene of the conference

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