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Shanghai chemical equipment exhibition focuses on chemical wastewater treatment. MVR enterprises are pointing to the 100 billion market

MVR evaporative crystallization technology is widely used in coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food manufacturing, environmental protection, seawater desalination and many other fields. Under the general trend of vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, using MVR technology to replace the traditional evaporative distillation crystallization technology will be recognized and adopted by more and more enterprises. According to the prediction of relevant institutions, the annual market space of chemical wastewater in China is 19.39 billion yuan, which is nearly three times that of urban sewage

in order to speed up the application of MVR technology in the field of chemical wastewater treatment in China, the 9th China (Shanghai) International Chemical Technology and equipment exhibition will focus on building an MVR exhibition area. The conference will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on August, 2017. According to the organizing committee, the exhibition will focus on the latest products and technologies in the field of evaporative crystallization at home and abroad. It is expected that there will be more than 700 exhibitors, with an exhibition area of 45000 square meters, and more than 35000 executives and engineering technicians from well-known enterprises in government departments, industry associations, medicine, coal chemical industry, printing and dyeing, coating, papermaking and other industries will participate in the exhibition

famous enterprises gather to compete for new products

the exhibition is co sponsored by Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. and authoritative organizations such as China Chemical Enterprise Management Association. Director Sheng Li, the person in charge of the exhibition, said that as the preferred platform in China to focus on chemical wastewater treatment, there are already German pile, ruishenghua, Jinzhao technology, CRRC, Hebei Leheng, Shennong Co., Ltd., mayande, Dewei turbine, Jiangsu Ruida, Zhejiang Taikang, Shandong Bozhong, Kang Jinghui Dozens of MVR enterprises such as Yixing Fuxi, Yixing grant, Zhengzhou Boda, Wuxi yunat, Yijian environmental protection, Hebei Norda, Jiangsu Hecheng, Jiangsu Zongheng, Wenzhou huannuo, Wuxi nomey, Anhui Jinlong, Zhejiang Wenxiong, Jiangsu Wanxiang, Wenzhou Gaochuang Valley, Changzhou Chemical equipment manufacturing and installation Co., Ltd. have signed up for the exhibition. It is believed that this exhibition will become an annual event for both the supply and demand of evaporative crystallization equipment

Shenzhen ruishenghua Technology Co., Ltd., as the first domestic supplier specializing in the R & D, production, installation, commissioning and the whole MV of MVR evaporator, has greatly reduced the production cost of plastic products enterprises R zero emission system. Wang Yifei, manager of the company, said that this year is the third consecutive year to participate in the exhibition. Thanks to the professionalism of the exhibition in the chemical industry, the exhibition last year achieved zero emission products that have attracted widespread attention

"this year is the third year for Fuxi machinery to participate in the Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition. The last exhibition opened up many end users, so the booth area has also been expanded this year," said Xu Aijun, general manager of Yixing Fuxi Machinery Co., Ltd. "as an enterprise that developed the first roots steam compressor in China, I hope we can provide better technical support for improving China's chemical wastewater treatment process."

Shen Chao, the person in charge of Shennong shares, said that at present, the evaporation capacity of the largest multi effect (eight effect) evaporator produced by the company has reached 800t/h, the heat exchange area of a single heater has exceeded 15000 ㎡, and the largest MVR evaporator has been designed and manufactured, with the evaporation capacity of 396t/h, and the maximum evaporation capacity of water in the steam generating station has reached 1980t/h. It is believed that the products participating in this exhibition can meet the various needs of exhibition visitors

contemporary forum, focusing on new technology

monofilament suture monacryl reg; This is one such product. Chemical wastewater treatment is a major bottleneck restricting the development of new chemical industry at present. Under the background of ten water and market development, chemical wastewater will be the focus of industrial water pollution prevention and control in the 13th five year plan. In order to further explore the difficulties and pain points of chemical wastewater treatment, the organizing committee will hold the "2017 New Technology Forum on chemical wastewater reuse and zero discharge treatment" at the same time

Director songqinggang, the person in charge of the forum, said that from the perspective of wastewater itself, there are many industrial enterprises involved, with high concentration, complex components and great toxicity to the environment. Compared with urban water pollution treatment, chemical wastewater pollution treatment is much more complex. The conference will study and discuss the development of advanced treatment technology and sewage reuse technology at home and abroad, focusing on the economic applicability of various technologies and the action area of operating average load hydraulic cylinders, in line with the purpose of "innovative technology development, strengthening process application, and displaying model projects" The sectional area of the pipeline connecting the accumulator and the average load hydraulic cylinder; Stability and process compatibility

according to the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee, the exhibition will include BASF, DuPont, sunico, Shanghai sanaifu, CHEMCHINA, Sinopharm group, Shenhua Group, China Coal Group, Sinochem International, Shanghai Youxi Road, Yihua group, Yitai group, zhanchen new materials group, Zhejiang ChuanHua, Zhejiang Dinglong, Shaanxi coal industry, Shanghai Huayi, Langsheng chemical, Ningbo Juhua, Yantai Wanhua, Changchun chemical Merck chemical, Beijing beijiete, Nanjing Nari, Changlong chemical, deli petrochemical, Zhongshun energy conservation, Tonglian pharmaceutical, Shanghai Institute of chemical industry, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Shanghai Jinshan second industrial zone, China Fine Chemical Development Park, Shanghai Chemical Industry Association, Shanghai paint and dye industry association, Shanghai Chemical (China) Council Dozens of professional purchasing groups including Zhejiang Membrane Industry Association came to the exhibition site to visit and purchase

at present, the exhibition has opened a visitor pre registration system

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