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Shanghai 12319 urban construction 24-hour car rescue service operation

from May 11, if a motor vehicle driver driving within the scope of Shanghai breaks down in case of a car fault, just call 12319 urban construction or 96520 comprehensive traffic information consultation, and the telephone operator will provide the driver with the relevant information for the nearest high-precision vehicle maintenance or traction unit according to the customer's needs (the brand, name, address, contact information and other information of the rescue vehicle), According to this information, the driver can contact the auto repair enterprise to seek the required auto rescue services. According to the introduction of the municipal transportation and Port Bureau in recent years, after screening by the management department, 341 automobile maintenance integrity enterprises in the city were finally determined to join the Shanghai motor vehicle maintenance and rescue network, which can ensure that one automobile maintenance enterprise is covered every 5 kilometers in the central area and ensure the response speed. In the future, the rescue network will also connect with the automobile rescue network in the upstream and downstream areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang vanadium industry and vanadium battery industry. 6. The increase of high and low temperature environmental experiments will provide "convenient, standardized and assured" 24-hour automobile maintenance and rescue services in the Yangtze River Delta. Liberation Morning Post

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