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Shanghai 20kW automatic gasoline generator

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the advantages of Shanghai 20kw full-active gasoline generator: high power, low fuel consumption, fuel saving and oil control, fair price, qualified quality, with various certificates, it can check the production of Shanghai danieze power Sino Japanese technology seminar, supply the best products, the most favorable prices and the best services, in order to meet the needs of large customers, and according to your needs, supply one-stop Ashland in Changzhou resin and Working in gel coat factory, the company has a team of highly skilled and energetic engineers and professional staff, who can work for customers at any time. We sincerely welcome large construction units, leasing companies and users from all walks of life to negotiate trade affairs

Shanghai 20kw full-active gasoline generator low-noise design noise reduction results. In order to increase the noise and not affect the normal life of people around, but also suitable for all-weather use, rainproof, snow proof, dust-proof, antifreeze, equipped with large capacity unit fuel tank, and efficient vibration reduction methods to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, the profit of 90 large-scale coal enterprises directly counted by China Coal Industry Association shrank sharply, The sound proof shell is equipped with an observation window and an emergency stop button. High performance shock absorbers are adopted to increase noise transmission; It adopts four layers of sound-absorbing materials and sound insulation covers, which have powerful sound-absorbing and sound insulation functions; The air inlet silencer, a labyrinth type air inlet silencer with three layers of sound-absorbing materials, not only ensures the sufficient entry of air, but also ensures that the noise will not spread; Exhaust muffler, a labyrinth exhaust muffler with three-layer sound-absorbing data, not only ensures the smooth exhaust, but also ensures that the noise will not spread; Sound absorbing cotton and metal perforated plate are laid around the box; Anti relief striped aluminum plate and kapok floor are paved on the border plate of the box. The noise reduction sound effect is DB 7 meters or more

[brand name]: Japan danizawa power

[sales manager]: Hou Chuanhui




[email]: [email protected]

[business style]: purchase and sales treaty

[original form]: transfer, pay treasure, company pick up

Product Model toto

frequency 50Hz

additional voltage 220/380v

additional power 20kW

maximum power 22kw

number of phases single/three-phase

current 58a

power identity 1

starting style electric starting

engine model suzuki475q

fuel type 90 # above gasoline

component 260


remarks of generator with voltage regulator

oil tank volume 28L

noise level 54 DB

hold When continuing the task, 12hrs

size (mm) 1150*750*680

engine type four stroke four cylinder water-cooled single top camshaft

cylinder diameter * piston stroke 76*77 (M press the jaw seat lifting button m)

tightening ratio 8.8:1

extinguishing style inductor

smooth oil volume 4L

smooth oil trademark summer SF grade 15w/40, winter SF grade 10w/30

full active assembly option

standard construction of electronic speed regulation, Digital display, low noise

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