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Shanghai Bell helped Chinatelecom expand its optical fiber data network. Ctiforum on September 11 (Fanyi): at the time when the Chinese government vigorously promoted the broadband China strategic plan, Shanghai Bell announced to help Chinatelecom significantly improve its optical fiber data network capacity and coverage. It is estimated that by 2015, the plan will provide high-speed broadband connections to more than 250million urban and rural household users

as the flagship company of Alcatel lucent in China, Shanghai Bell has become an important partner of Chinatelecom in the field of integrating optical transmission network (OTN) and broadband frequency division multiplexing (WDM). At the recent 2 In the largest optical network bidding project that adjusted the stretching speed to the specified value, Shanghai Bell obtained 70% market share of 10G network construction. According to the agreement, Shanghai Bell will help Chinatelecom improve the optical transmission network capacity and expand it to major cities in China. The network expansion project can enable Chinatelecom to increase its enterprise and individual user scale through its fixed broadband access network, and improve the coverage of its 3G and Wi Fi wireless broadband services nationwide. After the completion of the project, Chinatelecom will be able to flexibly deal with the rapidly changing data flow mode and easily and quickly meet the needs of customers

Yuan Xin, chairman and President of Shanghai Bell, pointed out that at present, domestic enterprises and individual users need more advanced services, but this requires more bandwidth. At the same time, the Chinese government has also set an ambitious goal to improve the broadband penetration rate across the country. Shanghai Bell's optical network technology will help Chinatelecom meet these current development needs and prepare for future network expansion and speed-up. The refrigeration system will start to work to support the future 100g transmission technology. Chinatelecom will carry out large-scale deployment of 100g transmission in the next few years. Shanghai Bell will continue to strengthen friendly cooperation with Chinatelecom by virtue of its leading technology in this field and mature global scale deployment experience

technical solutions provided by Shanghai Bell for Chinatelecom

Shanghai Bell will provide Chinatelecom with Alcatel lucent 1830 photon service switch (PSS) 3 Standard configuration problem and photonic service engine (PSE) chip, and support the fusion OTN and WDM solution of 100g transmission rate

1830 PSS can provide strong capacity and performance guarantee in large-scale and long-distance data transmission, and achieve excellent flexibility and intelligence. By being compatible with OTN and WDM technologies on a single platform and relying on the leading GMPLS (universal multi protocol label switching protocol) intelligent control plane, the 1830 PSS will be able to simplify operations and reduce costs

by deploying 1830 PSS, Chinatelecom will be able to transmit signals at different rates, including 10g, 40g and 100g, on the same pair of optical fibers with a linear relationship between bridging degree and colloidal melt viscosity. In this way, Chinatelecom can continue to use the existing optical fiber infrastructure, and upgrade and expand the existing network on demand to meet the growing business needs

the solution deployed this time is an integral part of Alcatel Lucent's converged backbone transformation (CBT) solution. Among them, CBT solution is an important pillar product of Alcatel lucent high performance network TM (HLN) architecture, which is committed to reducing transmission costs and greatly simplifying the operation of the core network

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