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Shanghai Bochuang will appear on behalf of DALSA in 2011. The main reason for the bad impression of Shanghai Bochuang Electric Co., Ltd. is that there are problems in the promotion and recycling of some defects, rather than the rapid accumulation and discharge of problems. 1. Amorphous material is one of the partners of DALSA IPD in China, On behalf of Teledyne DALSA, he will participate in the Rockwell Automation Product Exhibition and the Rockwell Automation University Hangzhou station (raotm RAU) held at Hangzhou International Convention Center on May 2, 2011, when carbon fiber preform company (CFP) is launching its 360 carbon fiber mold board and fr.10 ultra-high temperature carbon composites

the activity with the theme of intelligent, safe and sustainable production is the annual grand event of Rockwell Automation, which aims to provide customers with a platform so that they can have the opportunity to acquire the required business, product and technical knowledge from the rich courses in a short time. At that time, Shanghai Bochuang Electric Co., Ltd. will bring the latest technology and products of DALSA to the public and deliver a speech on DALSA products and solutions to help more customers solve the problems encountered in process automation and achieve excellent automation control

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