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Shanghai AIA products enter Songjiang Science and Technology Museum - Creation Museum

Shanghai AIA Electric Co., Ltd. 2. Establishment of index library. Leaders of the company were invited to attend the opening ceremony of Songjiang Science and Technology Museum for functional upgrading. The leaders present today include Secretary General Guo of Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and technology, director Gu of Shanghai Bureau of science and technology, district head Ren of Songjiang District, director Yang of Songjiang District Commission of science and technology and other relevant leaders

After the ceremony, government leaders visited the company's scientific and technological products located in the Creation Museum. The product is highly appraised. The product emphasizes the concept of "green environmental protection" in many links of high-tech enterprises with the largest range and the highest market share, such as the application of green energy, green energy storage, green use and so on. It embodies the environmental protection concept of technology future life. Reflect the scale and level of AIA electric, a high-tech enterprise, so that visitors can learn and experience scientific knowledge and feel the great progress brought by the development of Songjiang technology and Shanghai AIA in the next 3 (5) years. Director Yang pointed out that "Shanghai AIA electric should develop science and technology faster, higher and better, open its development ideas, and make greater contributions to the development of Songjiang Science and technology"

director Yang Huaizhi (first from the left) and vice president Zhao Jianyu, according to the disclosure of the municipal ceramic aluminum Office (first from the right)

the science and Technology Museum is divided into basic hall, Songjiang creation hall, Songjiang urban science and technology exhibition area, Olympic VIP seating experience area, and network culture experience hall, There are seven different functional exhibition areas in the multimedia broadcasting hall and the temporary exhibition hall. It highlights the knowledge, interest and regional characteristics of the science and Technology Museum

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