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Laizhou, Shandong's first "scattered" grain transportation logistics chain, appeared

early autumn is the busy season for wheat export in Shandong Province. In haimiao port, the grain transfer dock of Laizhou City, the scene of shoulder carrying and sack transportation in the past has disappeared. One end of the long transmission belt extends into the tall vertical cylinder rotating warehouse on the dock, and the other end is connected to the drop hammer impact testing machine, which is suitable for all kinds of pipes (PVC-U water supply pipe, sewage pipe, low-pressure water supply pipe, low-pressure water supply pipe, core foam pipe, double wall corrugated pipe, PE water supply pipe) Determination of the external impact resistance of plates. Wheat is transported from the warehouse to the cargo ship in the port as fast and balanced as water. This is the first "four loose" grain transportation logistics chain in Shandong Province

China's grain transportation has long adopted the methods of packaging transportation and manual loading and unloading. This method is wasteful, inefficient, and costly due to many times of packaging and unpacking, and it is easy to adulterate foreign matters, affecting the quality of grain. Since 2001, Laizhou has invested more than 16million yuan to build 10 vertical transfer warehouses with an annual throughput of 600000 tons and a capacity of 12000 tons of grain in haimiao port by taking advantage of the existing bonded policies of the customs, equipped with bulk vehicles, electronic pounds, grain rakers and other transmission machinery, which has realized the transformation from bag loading and transportation and manual handling to the "four scattered" transportation mode of bulk storage, bulk, bulk unloading and bulk transportation, opening the third "four scattered" transportation of grain in the province

"scattered" transportation mode effectively improves the efficiency of grain transportation and reduces the circulation cost. In the past, it took 72 hours to pack and transport a 3000 ton cargo ship, but now it can be completed within 24 hours. The freight and miscellaneous charges per ton of grain arriving in Shenzhen will be reduced from 26 yuan to 18 yuan, and the port miscellaneous charges will be reduced from 14.5 yuan to 9 yuan. Now, more and more large grain enterprises at home and abroad take Laizhou as their grain transit base. Last year, Laizhou adopted the "four loose" grain logistics platform to ship more than 60 large cargo ships and transport 200000 tons of grain. For example, reliable measures must be taken to stick face bricks. The traditional transportation method can save more than 5 million yuan and reduce the operating cost by about 50%

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