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Shanghai Chemical Industry Park incorporates Jinshan and Fengxian chemical industry divisions

Jinshan and Fengxian chemical industry divisions into Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. An integrated management plan covering Jinshan District, Fengxian District and Shanghai Chemical Industry Park was officially unveiled recently. In the future, more chemical plants in Shanghai will also be moved here from the urban area and other urban areas for centralized management and accelerated development. The vision of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is that by 2020, the chemical industry park will be connected with Sinopec Group's Shanghai Petrochemical into a small pendulum (150j), become the largest ethylene production base in Asia and the world's largest polycarbonate base, and become one of the world's advanced Petrochemical bases. Jinshan District of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has introduced a number of well-known logistics enterprises at home and abroad, such as Shanghai Huayi Tianyuan Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Logistics Co., Ltd., Singapore World Games logistics group, etc., to provide supporting services for the chemical industry park. Fengxian District has also attracted a series of chemical machinery, biomedicine and other enterprises to invest here. The district is expected to achieve an industrial output value of 6billion yuan, a tax of 420million yuan, and more than 70 companies have settled here. Previously, the two zones were managed by the District, but now they are managed by the "chemical industry zone". Shanghai Chemical Industry Park focuses on the development of petrochemical, fine chemicals, new polymer materials and other industries; Jinshan District focuses on the development of chemical logistics, chemical inspection and maintenance, chemical products trading and other industries; Fengxian District focuses on the development of fine chemicals, chemical machinery and equipment, polymer materials and other industries

the important factors affecting the smooth oil smooth function in the future zoning are as follows: industrial development, planning land construction, public works supporting, emergency safety and environmental protection, and other administrative affairs are uniformly managed by the chemical industry zone, which can give play to the high development level, strong investment attraction and customer service ability of the chemical industry zone. In fact, to build an internationally renowned fluorosilicone new material industrial base, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is now one of the most important petrochemical industrial bases in Shanghai. From January to November 2009, the output value of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (including Jinshan and Fengxian districts) was 43.5 billion yuan, the sales revenue was 45.6 billion yuan, and the tax revenue of registered enterprises in the zone was 2.48 billion yuan. In the future, Shanghai's competitive chemical companies will move into this area, and the environmental protection requirements of enterprises will be more stringent. "We have adopted the European Union's environmental assessment standards, and the energy consumption of 10000 yuan GDP of enterprises stationed in Shanghai should be less than 0.5 tons of standard coal (/10000 yuan)." The relevant person in charge of the park said. Secondly, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is close to Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company. Shanghai Petrochemical has six pipelines directly to the chemical industry park, so that enterprises in the chemical industry park can obtain chemical raw materials at the lowest cost. It is reported that the materials are relatively cheap. By 2020, the petrochemical base integrating the three zones will be connected with other petrochemical enterprises around, forming a 60 square kilometer chemical industry belt on the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay, reaching an annual refining capacity of 35 million tons and ethylene production capacity of 3.5 million tons. It will become the largest ethylene production base in Asia and the largest polycarbonate and isocyanate production base in the world. This also marks that Shanghai Chemical Industry Park will rank among the world's first-class Petrochemical bases

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