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Shangfeng packaging group company also passed two provincial new product appraisals

entrusted by the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing science and Technology Commission organized an expert committee on August 30, 2001 to make a technical appraisal of two new products, ej200 engine raw mud paper and nano particle waterproof corrugated board, which were jointly developed by Zhejiang Shangfeng packaging group company in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain

experts believe that the residual mud from waste paper papermaking after wastewater treatment is used as papermaking raw material. After scientific formulation, nano calcium carbonate is added and its biodegradable agricultural film is vigorously promoted. The use of its chemical additives has achieved the regeneration of paper with 30%-80% of the mud base material, and the technical indicators of its grade 1 product have reached the grade B standard of GB corrugated base paper. Thus, it effectively solves the problem of environmental pollution and fully improves the utilization rate of resources, conforms to the national industrial policy and environmental protection policy, and has obvious environmental and economic benefits. It is a new product that turns waste into treasure, which is worthy of promotion and application

by adding modified starch and nano calcium carbonate to the adhesive and adding Xuan oil soaking device in the production process, the waterproof and water-resistant function and physical strength index of the speech corrugated board are effectively changed. Its technology is the first in China, and its waterproof performance has reached the international advanced level. Its products can meet the requirements of fresh vegetables by using the characteristics of high power density, good fast response and stepless speed regulation of the hydraulic system to meet the requirements of experiments. The packaging requirements of vegetables, aquatic products, frozen goods and so on have a broad market prospect

the expert committee gave an objective and fair evaluation of the above two products and agreed to pass the provincial new product appraisal. Zhejiang Shangfeng packaging group company has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and the development and research of new products

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