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Shanghai Asia Pacific product quality traceability system solution

1. System introduction:

the traceability system uses a needle or laser printer (pinstamp) to mark the two-dimensional code and identification code for the workpiece at the on-line station of each production line. Scanners are set at the on-line, off-line, assembly and some key stations to scan and decode the two-dimensional code, and data are recorded into the database through

plc and other equipment. Why does the metal impact testing machine vibrate when loading? What causes the pointer of the metal impact testing machine to shake? Now please follow me to have a look. The whole process of offline and assembly tracking and tracing

now more and more manufacturers are aware of the need to use a set of product quality traceability system for the production of their own products, such as the rotating shaft torque durability testing machine, so as to facilitate the production of products. The film pendulum impact testing machine is mainly used to measure the pendulum impact resistance of plastic, film, paper, composite film, metal foil and other materials. It is mainly used for quality tracking and error prevention in the production process and quality traceability after sales

after China implements the recall system for automobiles, manufacturers related to the automobile industry must use the product quality traceability system to meet the requirements of lean production and market. Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. took the lead in implementing a comprehensive product quality traceability system on the production line of engines and transmissions

2. Example diagram of system architecture

3. Application example

our company has developed multiple sets of traceability systems for the powertrain plant of Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., which provides accurate traceability for the parts and components of V6 engine, L850 engine and V6 transmission produced by SGM

v6 camshaft traceability system 1

v this is a permanent topic in front of us. 6 camshaft traceability system 2

gearbox shell traceability system

the three sets of traceability systems operate stably and reliably, have been highly praised by SGM senior leaders, engineers and production line operators, and have become an indispensable production control system for lean production in SGM powertrain plant. Therefore, our company has become the only supplier of V6 engine parts traceability system of SGM powertrain plant

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