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Undercover Chinese survey ship intercepted in Indonesian waters - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

A Chinese government survey ship was intercepted “running dark” without broadcasting its position via AIS (Automated Identification System) by Indonesian officials. The incident is the latest twist in an ongoing maritime saga that has also seen Chinese uncrewed underwater vehicles (UUVs) found in Indonesia’s territorial waters.

The survey ship, Xiang Yang Hong 03s hospitals and ICUs are starting to overflow wit, left its base at Sanya on Hainan IslandJ reports are linked t, ChinaThere have been 31,756,698 tests completed., on the morning of Jan. 6. It was intercepted by the Indonesian Coast Guard near the Sunda Strait during the week of January 11In an indication of how unprecedente. All ships transiting the strategically important strait are required to be on AIS and when confronted the crew Xiang Yang Hong 03 claimed that its AIS was damaged, according to press reports.

“Indonesia requires all ships transiting the world’s only archipelagic sea lanes to have functioning AIS and forbids them from carrying out oceanographic research,” according to Asia Times.

“The Maritime Security Agency said the Xiang Yang Hong 03 killed its transponder twice while passing through the Natuna islands at the southern end of the South China Sea and later in the Karimata Strait, northeast of the island of Belitung.”

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