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Most decoration consumers do not understand the market and industry. Of course, choosing a decoration company to decorate for you is a top priority. Good choice, high quality of decoration works and low cost; If you choose not well, you may be troubled by the hidden dangers left by the decoration of your new house all your life &hellip& hellip; Everyone hopes to spend the least money on the decoration project of their own home and install the best home. For this reason, most owners are concerned about the price. Because of this, the decoration industry has fought a price war, so there are tricks, traps, false advertisements and chaos in the decoration market &hellip& hellip; This phenomenon makes it more difficult for decoration consumers to choose decoration companies. For this reason, experts from zimingdu Changchun decoration company suggest that there are five characteristics of decoration companies playing tricks:

1. Companies playing tricks are those whose single price is lower than the cost price; Because no one will do business that loses money

2. Deliberately omitting items is also a decoration company that plays tricks. Its purpose is to reduce the total price and deceive you

3. Companies with inaccurate quantity and deliberately underreporting are also playing tricks, confusing customers by reducing the total price

4. The quotation items of materials and construction technology are not independent, and the company that does not explain them in detail is also playing tricks. Its purpose is to add items to the project or lay an ambush for changing and adding items

5. Home decoration companies that invest heavily in media publicity earn not service fees, but material price differences with high profits, because customers cannot understand the market price of materials. The price must be compared, but not the total price. Compare the unit price, quantity, item, material and process; If you compare the total price, you will be cheated, and there will be a large number of additional items waiting for you at the beginning of the project. Decoration consumers should have a steelyard in mind when comparing prices. With this steelyard, you will know which decoration companies are making huge profits and which decoration companies are playing tricks? How to choose a decoration company will really have a bottom in your heart





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