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Many readers feel very confused about decoration, do not know the mystery, and often hear friends around them say that decoration has a lot of knowledge and traps, so they feel even more helpless. Professor Guan runbai, a senior expert, points out the maze for the majority of readers and talks about the decoration, so that you can no longer be blind in the decoration and easily hold the whole process

◆ solicit business in the name of not making money

according to teacher Guan, there should be a cost budget procedure for home decoration: material costs, construction costs, management fees, profits, etc. should be clear, while decoration companies or construction teams without reputation, quality and service assurance often adopt a quotation or a quotation lower than others to contract business

many owners are short of money because they have just bought a new house, so they often only care about the price in the decoration budget. Some irregular decoration companies or construction teams take advantage of this psychology, cheat the owners at a very low price, and wait until the middle of the decoration to find various reasons to ask for more money. It is proposed that the project cannot be carried out without adding money. At this time, users can only follow the command, and the final settlement price is often much higher than the original quotation

◆ engineering projects are omitted from the budget.

poor decoration companies often do something on the budget in order to reduce the price of the quotation. When a decoration company lists a budget for you, you will find that various expenses are densely written on the list, which makes you dizzy and upset, so you are often unwilling to read and study carefully. Bad decoration companies will take advantage of the weakness that users do not understand the decoration content, deliberately omit items in the construction project list, reduce the price, and wait until the construction period to add items and increase the quotation. I can't tell you how bitter it is to make you mute and eat Coptis

◆ make a big fuss about the construction area

before making the budget, the designer will go to the owner's home to measure, and then design and make the price budget according to the actual area measured. Although some decoration companies have seemingly detailed quotations, they deliberately increase the area when calculating the number of construction areas. For example, the construction area is calculated repeatedly (those excluded are not excluded), or the area of irregular places is calculated according to the maximum size. If the owners don't understand when looking at the budget, they will muddle through if they can't see it; In case the owner sees it and points it out clearly to them, they will explain it with calculation errors or carelessness, so Mr. Guan reminds readers to be serious and careful when looking at the budget

◆ materials may be swapped after construction starts.

due to the fierce competition among decoration companies, many owners who do not understand decoration only measure and choose decoration companies based on the price, so many companies have to repeatedly lower their quotations in order to win more owners. But you must remember that businesses will not do business at a loss, and you will get goods for every penny. When you get a low price, you will also bear the risk of material being swapped. In the decoration project, there will be discrepancies between the materials on the quotation and the actual use, especially the use of fake and inferior materials at the grass-roots level to reduce costs; Or it will deliberately increase the material loss and increase the quantities in the name of loss

◆ cut corners to reduce costs

in order to seek greater benefits, bad decoration companies will reduce construction procedures during the decoration process, or cut corners to reduce costs. For example, if it should have been painted four times, only two times; Cement is shoddy; The wooden base is not treated firmly; All wedge heads are connected by nails; The proportion of water added to emulsion paint is incorrect, etc. Concealment

◆ the project is the easiest to fool people

according to teacher Guan, water and electricity transformation, grass-roots treatment and other concealed projects are the easiest to fool the owner. Before signing the contract, the decoration company did not quote the price of waterway and circuit transformation, and it was not clear about the hidden pipe, but the highest price was calculated in the final settlement; Or during the reconstruction of water and circuit, the length of water and circuit pipes is intentionally extended, so the user will bear additional costs. As part of the hydropower project will be covered in the future, some companies will not let the owners see the progress of decoration at all, use inferior pipelines to muddle through, and even cover up carelessly without the owners' acceptance, which is completely irresponsible. Such decoration is prone to problems in the future, so we must carry out the next procedure after the acceptance of the hydropower project at the end of the decoration to ensure the quality of the decoration




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