During the peak decoration season in spring, the o

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During the peak season of decoration in spring, the overall cost of decoration in Handan rose by 10%

with the acceleration of the pace of life, home has become a "harbor" for people to relax their hearts. Different home decoration shows different styles. Recently, the reporter visited many decoration companies in Handan and captured the latest news of the home decoration market for readers

it is reported that at present, it is the peak season for house decoration, and environmental friendly building materials and simple style are still loved by most people. However, due to the rise in the cost of labor and building materials, the overall cost of decoration this spring is about 10% higher than last year

the staff of the light boat decoration company said, "since the beginning of spring, the decoration labor cost and building materials cost have increased all the way. Last year, the manual tiling cost per square meter was 20 yuan, and this year it increased by 2-3 yuan. In addition, the sales price of various building materials is rising. In order to ensure the company's profits, the overall quotation of decoration and repair is up 10% from last year."

it is understood that modern simple style, pastoral style, simple European style and Chinese style are the main styles of the recent two years, but the most popular is the modern simple style. The designer of Shengda decoration company told reporters that the modern simple style is suitable for people of all ages. The cost is relatively low, and it can be matched with all kinds of home furnishings, which is very popular with customers

the designer of another decoration company expressed the same view, he said, "'Light decoration, heavy decoration 'has now become the leading concept of modern home decoration. The use of decorative materials with different materials, such as mesh glass mirrors and hollowed carved wooden boards, has gradually become the' new darling 'of interior decoration. In the selection of decoration building materials, people also no longer pursue flashy and expensive building materials. Nowadays, comfortable, durable and easy to clean decoration materials are more favored by decoration customers."

"nowadays, most people want to have a clean and comfortable home. If the decoration is too gorgeous, it will upset people." Ms. Wang, who is preparing to decorate, told reporters

at present, green, low-carbon and environmental protection have become the mainstream of decoration. During the visit, the reporter learned that most citizens put environmental protection in the first place in house decoration, and decoration companies have also played the "environmental protection card" in order to meet the market demand. The staff of the light boat decoration company told the reporter: "most customers will consult the decoration of environmental protection materials. The environmental protection decoration building materials and wall paint with formaldehyde adsorption launched by our company are very popular with customers."

as there are many brands of building materials and different materials in Handan building materials market, citizens should pay special attention to their purchase. Manager Wang, the person in charge of Handan jutailong 8s fashion home special zone, suggested that consumers should try to choose green and well-known brand building materials products in the process of purchasing building materials; In choosing a home decoration company, we should choose a formal decoration company, so that after the decoration of the house, not only the quality can be guaranteed, but also the standardized after-sales service is more reassuring





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