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The construction machinery industry has set off a new wave of green energy conservation.

some time ago, in the surrounding areas of Nanjing, due to the burning of straw around the middle and high-end plastic processing industry to strive for a new breakthrough in straw caused air pollution, according to the monitoring data of Nanjing Environmental Monitoring Center Station, the air quality in Nanjing has declined significantly since the evening of June 9, resulting in a continuous "haze day" in this area. This incident has once again aroused public concern about the surrounding air quality. In fact, it is not just air quality. When we carefully examine the surrounding environment, the pollution problem has reached a very serious level. This is really a dilemma. If society wants to develop and the economy wants to speed up, it will inevitably be accompanied by damage and pollution to the environment. This phenomenon is true in all countries in the world. It seems that environmental protection has become a focus of the world's attention

To this end, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of environmental protection and the State Administration of taxation are studying and drafting the draft environmental protection tax law on the basis of relevant national policy documents. The promulgation of the environmental protection tax law will effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by production-oriented enterprises. This bill will virtually urge many enterprises to further improve their production processes and processes, and introduce more green and energy-saving technologies into their products. In fact, facing the problem of environmental pollution, many construction machinery enterprises have already taken the lead, and the concept of green manufacturing has been introduced into every link of the product process. It has become a trend of industrial development to produce more energy-saving and environmental friendly construction machinery and equipment

the central government invested 100 billion yuan to promote energy conservation and emission reduction projects

this year, the central government allocated 97.9 billion yuan of special funds for energy conservation and emission reduction and renewable energy, an increase of 25.1 billion yuan over the previous year. With the addition of renewable energy tariff surcharges, strategic emerging industries, circular economy, service industry development funds and the funds allocated in the central infrastructure investment, the total will reach 170billion yuan

under the current background of downward pressure on economic growth and significant slowdown in the growth of fiscal revenue, the central government has "increased rather than decreased" its investment in energy conservation and emission reduction, highlighting the importance the state attaches to energy conservation and emission reduction

Xie Xuren, Minister of finance, pointed out at the national fiscal energy conservation and emission reduction work conference held in Beijing on the 24th that the "12th Five Year Plan" period is a crucial period for deepening reform and opening up and accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development. The situation of energy conservation and emission reduction is still very serious and the task is even more arduous

construction machinery enterprises set off a wave of green energy conservation.

Volvo Construction equipment (China) Shanghai factory passed the ISO1400 certification aimed at strengthening the systematization and standardization of environmental management as early as 2006, and began to fully implement the Volvo production system, namely VPS, in 2008. VPS standard is formulated by Volvo Group headquarters, which combines cleaner production with daily production activities. In addition to continuously complying with Volvo Group's energy efficiency reduction requirements, it also proposes and implements various energy-saving and emission reduction schemes every year, so as to reduce pollution from the source and improve resource utilization efficiency. In 2010, Volvo Group reached an agreement with the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), becoming the first vehicle manufacturer in the world to join the ultra light photovoltaic panel jointly developed by carbon and panel manufacturer Armageddon energy and DuPont, which also demonstrates the advantages of polyamide honeycomb technology and the pioneer project of emission reduction

from May 10 to 12 this year, the skid steer loader of case engineering machinery, as a representative model of energy conservation and environmental protection, appeared in the "Tianjin Solid Waste Department's 318 spring procurement exchange activity consists of two links: innovation and development forum and technical exhibition of new products of special facilities and equipment", which won the unanimous approval of industry experts and users

various new sanitation facilities were unveiled at the exhibition. In this exhibition, a series of modern and beautiful road sweepers, snow sweepers, garbage compactors, etc. are dazzling. At the same time, they show the latest technological achievements of energy saving and high efficiency. For example, the imported case sr175 skid steer loader can be randomly and quickly replaced or connected to various working devices at the operation site to adapt to different working environments and work contents, and can be "transformed" into a small forklift, snow removal vehicle, deicing vehicle, garbage collection vehicle, etc. at any time. Small and light, it can rotate on the spot, which saves the working space. Because of its small size and advanced design, it saves energy

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