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Recently, CBRE Research Institute released the report "future office: survey of Chinese funded enterprises' office space | how to build future office space" (hereinafter referred to as "future office report"), which pointed out that flexibility and science and technology empowerment will become important attributes to define future office space. Flexible office can not only help enterprises quickly adjust their strategies, but also be of great significance to employees' daily work, providing them with more choices in terms of office location and time. The application of intelligent technology will greatly improve the office efficiency of enterprises, so as to stimulate and enhance the creativity and productivity of enterprises

the diversified Office products provided by Atlas atlas are suitable for enterprise customers at different stages of development

the future office report points out that the flexibility of office space is not only particularly important during the epidemic, but also will become an important standard to measure the value of office space in the future when the preforms are consolidated after a long period of cooling in the future. Atlas atlas atlas is an industry-leading full chain operator of office buildings. Flexibility is a major feature of atlas atlas atlas products, and it is also one of the highlights favored by many atlas atlas customers. Based on the operation advantages of the whole chain, Atlas atlas atlas provides flexible and high fitting office solutions for enterprise customers of different types and stages of development through customized output, including office leasing, enterprise customized headquarters, service-oriented offices, joint office space and other diversified Office scenarios:

1. Office leasing: compared with traditional office leasing, Atlas atlas atlas atlas provides planning and design consultants 2 times the maximum experimental strength of the main frame decoration design and construction services and other early services, as well as the whole process of guest experience services during the lease period, to provide customers with full-time office solutions to maximize their office needs

2. Customized headquarters of enterprises: mainly for large and medium-sized enterprises, Atlas atlas atlas provides customers with a full cycle escort from the five parts of site selection, design, decoration, procurement and operation, and the first, middle and last three stages, providing the most perfect interpretation for customized and personalized services

3. Service office: it is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Atlas atlas atlas creates an exclusive and private office space for them, and provides flexible lease term configuration and one-stop value-added services according to the business characteristics of this type of enterprises

4. Joint office space: for small enterprises or start-ups, the importance of flexibility is self-evident. The joint office station provided by Atlas atlas atlas not only meets the flexible office needs of customers, but also helps them realize their desire to enjoy a comfortable and fashionable office environment and professional and efficient operation services with a small investment

atlas atlas atlas shared office area provides users with quiet, efficient and comfortable diversified Office and negotiation space

in addition, the flexibility of atlas atlas atlas office space is also reflected in the shared area. It is understood that atlas atlas, through careful creation, allows users to achieve office, business negotiations and hold small meetings in shared areas, which not only enhances the sense of experience, but also greatly improves the efficiency of office space

it is worth mentioning that atlas atlas atlas has launched a virtual office service in East China. This service is a form of centralized office, and it is also a service content provided by the joint office area of the business center. It helps small and medium-sized enterprises solve problems such as lack of funds and staffing, and saves a lot of expenses for enterprises. At the same time, it can also have exclusive address services in the CBD golden business district Professional administrative teams and industrial and commercial enterprises provide service support to enable enterprises at different stages of development to gather potential and help enterprises develop. In addition, advanced video conference equipment and communication equipment are added to the office space conference rooms and joint office areas in all cities to help users everywhere break barriers and cross regional boundaries in an all-round way, so that they can work easily wherever appropriate and create an intelligent and flexible office experience

atlas atlas atlas has met the changing needs of users through digital management, increased more application scenarios, and improved user experience

in fact, Atlas atlas atlas has greatly improved the experience of office space through digital and intelligent layout in recent years, and has also harvested a large group of users in Z era. According to the future office report, CBRE Research Institute conducted a survey on the technological empowerment of office space, and respondents generally believed that investing in office technology was a top priority. This also coincides with the development strategy of atlas atlas. It is reported that in the property management sector, Atlas atlas atlas has introduced technologies such as super cloud platform, Bi big data analysis and prediction, EBA (property equipment remote monitoring and management system), remote video monitoring center, intelligent parking system, cloud attendance system, intelligent access control system, which has greatly improved the level of refined management. At the same time, Atlas atlas atlas also realizes office intellectualization through Bluetooth intelligent operating system and paperless express system. In addition, the application of DMP member label system and huantu app not only improves the level of digital management, but also makes users more convenient, so they are deeply loved. Since its inception, Atlas atlas atlas has taken innovation as the core driving force for enterprise development. Whether it is constantly polishing office products or empowering technology to improve operation, Atlas atlas atlas atlas aims to create a space experience beyond expectations for users and help office buildings maximize asset value

about atlas atlas atlas is a leading full chain operator of office buildings. It helps office buildings maximize their asset value by sharing office, business management, property management, and construction management among four business segments

Atlas can basically touch the testing of every industry. Using atlas, we are the first to operate office buildings according to the standard of star hotels, create a shared office integrating life elements, improve the asset value of the material industry, and create a space experience beyond expectations for users. It integrates resource advantages and provides one-stop space design, professional construction and operation services. Atlas huantu, with rich industry experience, exports management models and services through the combination of business management and property management to carry out full cycle management of assets

Atlas atlas accurately grasps the pulse of the market and provides excellent services for the asset end, enterprise end and user end of office buildings. At present, it has 50 projects in 22 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a total management area of more than 5 million square meters

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