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Technology giants have paid attention to AI applications

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ai disability assistance makes life more convenient for the disabled

technology giants have paid attention to AI applications

small smart speakers have helped blind masseurs a lot. □ information times luyunlong

recently, a 25 year old blind massage shop "Corning massage" in Panyu District, Guangzhou welcomed an AI assistant. After Baidu AI transformation and upgrading, the blind masseur just needs to call "Xiaodu Xiaodu" to easily complete the daily work of switching, adjusting temperature, switching TV, adjusting light brightness and setting alarm clock. According to the interview, at present, many technology giants, including Baidu, are paying attention to technology enabled public welfare while developing artificial intelligence applications, and using technology to make life convenient for some disabled people

According to Xian Wenjian, founder of Corning massage, in order to ensure fair information disclosure, the activity space of blind masters is relatively limited due to visual influence. Even in a small space such as home or massage shop, it is quite complicated for blind people to control household appliances such as TV, air conditioner and light. It takes a lot of time for blind masseurs to adjust the temperature of air conditioner, TV channel, light brightness and set alarm clock

in May this year, Baidu and a number of blind public welfare organizations jointly launched the use skills and protection and maintenance of bellows ring stiffness testing machine. "The most important part of AI's action to help blind people is the oil pump". The key product used to transform blind massage shops this time is Baidu's small artificial intelligence speaker 1s. The product adds infrared remote control function. 99% of TVs and air conditioners using infrared remote control on the market can be connected with Xiaodu, covering mainstream air conditioning brands in the market, including Gree, oaks, Midea, Haier, and mainstream TV brands such as Hisense, Xiaomi, Skyworth, etc. With only a small artificial intelligence speaker for 1s, blind friends can connect household appliances more conveniently. They can control appliances freely by calling "small degree, turn on the air conditioner", "small degree, turn the air conditioner up one degree", etc

at present, Baidu has begun the AI pilot transformation of massage shops for the blind in Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places. Xian Wenjian, President of Guangzhou Blind Association, said: "with the development of artificial intelligence, we should try to use the power of science and technology to solve the problem of blind people, so that their lives are more convenient and richer."

help visually impaired youth integrate into the workplace

data show that there are nearly 4million visually impaired youth under the age of 30 in China. For them, the important premise of decent work is to have equal communication rights. Huang Junhong, the technical director, introduced that Tencent has been exploring accessibility since 2009 and has become an important social networking platform for visually impaired groups in China

take OCR image text extraction function as an example. When visually impaired people select "extract text in the image", the image text can be recognized as recognizable text. This function not only helps visually impaired groups communicate in the workplace, but also can be applied to offline life to help them read books, read commodity labels, etc. The expression is also transformed. Expressions that previously could not be "read out" like text messages have achieved barrier free self-defined parameters: semantic reception and transmission, so that visually impaired groups can also enjoy the fun of chatting with expressions

the real-time picture voice description function of the space helps visually impaired users "understand" pictures. Visually impaired users can hear a picture description voice generated by AI by clicking on a picture in space. So far, 2425 accessibility features have been achieved, and space related functions have been used more than 160million times in 2018

intelligent wearable recipients can take care of themselves

recently, a technology expert posted a photo of a wearable bionic hand device on Weibo. It is revealed that this is the latest smart wearable bionic hand he got from JD digital. At present, he has completed the preliminary research and development work and has entered the prototype testing stage. The other party did not deny it by seeking confirmation from

it can be seen from the product exposure image that JD digital's wearable bionic hand has a high degree of development completion, and the authenticity of fingers, palms and arms is also high. According to some relevant data, there are tens of millions of physically disabled people across the country. The intelligent wearable bionic hand developed by JD digital can help the physically disabled groups realize self-care and complete some simple work to a certain extent

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