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Technology fabric: please land the concept

"technology" has been a hot word in the global fabric industry in recent years. It not only reflects the willingness of consumers to pursue a higher-end lifestyle, but also shows a major trend in the development of textile fabrics in the future. At the same time, it also puts forward more requirements for the fabric enterprises involved: Science and technology is not an alternative product high above the world. It should be closely related to the life of the public, be fashionable, be market-oriented, and shoulder more social responsibilities

technology is a kind of

in Jinjiang, Fujian, which has bred many well-known leisure clothing enterprises, it also focuses on emerging production technologies such as 3D printing, which also brings together many representative enterprises producing sports functional fabrics. They are not only at the forefront of the same industry in the R & D and production of scientific and technological fabrics, but also make unremitting efforts to drive the development of scientific and technological fabrics

Fujian longzhizu industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. and Sichuan University jointly established the "Textile Institute of Sichuan University - longzhizu coating technology research center", which has been committed to the integration of industry, University and research. Recently, the R & D center has brought the industry a functional fabric that is environmentally friendly, waterproof and breathable, and suitable for outdoor sports clothing. The fabric solves the needs of sports enthusiasts for rapid perspiration. There are nine combinations of them in this product. The highlight is that the water-based waterproof and moisture permeable coating agent is added, and the waterproof performance can reach 500~800 cm, the moisture permeability can reach 7000~10000g/m2 · 24h, and the low temperature resistance can reach minus 50 ℃. It is reported that Quanzhou science and Technology Bureau of Fujian Province has passed the review and determined that the product has reached the domestic advanced level

the advent of new products once again proved that enterprises began to carry out targeted innovative research and development from the perspective of downstream customers. The relevant person in charge of longzhizu company said that at present, many foreign trade clothing enterprises are trying to export to Russia. Because the temperature in Russia is very low, the low temperature resistance of this fabric avoids a series of quality problems caused by the low temperature of ordinary fabrics

in addition, in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, longzhizu company is also using practical actions to prove the enterprise's society to downstream customers and consumers. The cold dyeing technology independently developed by them has the advantages of low dyeing temperature, low energy consumption, low water consumption, strong adaptability to the packaging process of various products in the market, and small loss of fabric strength. The finished products produced have thick texture, good heat preservation performance, and are not easy to pilling and fading. After their introduction, they are deeply favored by customers

technology and fashion coexist

focusing on technology does not mean staying away from the trend. Many new products of fabric enterprises have both technology and fashion value

in the past two years, with the popularity of retro style in the 1960s and 1970s, those clothes with old style have returned to the fashion trend. The use of specially treated fabrics can sublimate the retro taste and make clothing products more eye-catching and fashionable. The washout fabric newly developed by Tailong holding group brings the retro trend to the field of sports and leisure

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