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Hot technology: cluster packaging technology

with the rapid development of China's economy, the marketing concept and sales form are increasingly in line with international standards. The popularity of supermarkets and the diversity of purchasing habits also put forward higher requirements for the appearance and packaging of products. The integrated packaging system just meets this demand of the market. Collective packaging refers to the combination of a certain number of products or packages to form a suitable packaging unit for loading, unloading, storage, transportation and sales. Collective packaging has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and is widely used in beverages, beer, dairy products, frozen food, snack food and other daily chemical products. In this column, we will give readers a comprehensive introduction to the application mode and Prospect of this technology in the beverage and beer industries, as well as relevant overseas classic cases, hoping to promote the wide application of this technology. User voice

Liu Qing, business representative of the procurement department of Wuhan Budweiser company

in the beer industry, its sales have the characteristics of festivals, which prompted many domestic beer enterprises to start using a large number of 6-bottle bundled packaging boxes. In order to promote beer sales and facilitate consumers' purchase during the festival, Budweiser beer also uses bundled packaging for promotion, which has brought great benefits to enterprises

at present, with the warmer weather, beer has slowly entered the peak sales season. In the fierce market competition, bundled promotional packaging plays a good role in improving brand image and increasing sales. In promotional packaging, high-end consumer goods are generally made of waterproof imported kraft linerboard. The structural design of new promotional cartons is emerging one after another, and the focus is to improve the functionality, such as adding handles, opening windows, improving the display effect, developing special-shaped boxes or local special-shaped boxes, etc. The carton with novel shape itself is a new weapon to promote products

take Budweiser as an example, every year, a large number of paper baskets and paper bundled packaging are used in various sales channels, involving products from glass bottles to cans. Its six cans of kraft linerboard packaging has achieved remarkable sales performance in sales channels. At present, the design of domestic promotional carton packaging is basically monopolized by Mead and River wood companies. Many of its designs, such as basket packaging, have applied for design patents, and the two companies are also producing imported moisture-proof kraft paper for packaging. The design of promotional packaging is the "weakness" of many domestic carton enterprises and design companies, and it is precisely a relatively lucrative link in the value chain. Europe, Asia, Japan and North America all have excellent folding carton processing industries, and their production machinery has reached a very high level, which is similar to each other. In China, the corresponding supporting packaging machinery is still at a low level, and users basically use manual packaging. Most suppliers can process accurately according to the user's drawings, but when it comes to the overall packaging solution, they are powerless

with the continuous increase of consumers' personalized needs, small batch quantification of product packaging has become a trend. How to save materials while meeting the needs of intensity is not only the requirement of reducing costs, but also the requirement of environmental protection policies. In addition, improving display performance, adding various new functions, and being suitable for high-speed automatic production are the development direction of cluster packaging. In the future, the application of this kind of bundled packaging in the beer industry will continue to grow

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due to the fierce competition in the beer industry, enterprises are increasingly concerned about the reduction of production costs while exploring how to improve product quality. Therefore, in the process of research and development of product packaging, it is usually more cautious. Cluster packaging is mainly aimed at high-end wine products (such as wine or small packaged wine for bars); For products in the large circulation field, at present, the packaging form of full packaging cartons, paper pallets and plastic shrink films still occupies the mainstream

beer and beverage products adopt the form of cluster packaging, which usually needs to be matched with a special packaging machine. From 2002 to 2003, domestic equipment suppliers in China have begun to develop cluster packaging machines. At present, this kind of packaging equipment has not made the most ideal state in the process of spring testing possible, but in terms of the stability of the equipment, foreign imported equipment still has its advantages

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secondary packaging that effectively improves brand added value and effectively promotes sales

main functions of collective packaging

first, improve terminal sales force: with the increasing homogenization of products in the food and beverage industry, manufacturers are increasingly competing for sales terminals, and commodity display, as an important factor in terminal sales, has also been widely valued. Market survey and analysis show that more than 75% of consumers are impulsive buyers in the purchase relationship of beverages and foods (see the attached table). Consumers' loyalty to the brand is very low, and getting the attention of shoppers is the key point to increase impulsive shopping, which can trigger consumers' impulsive purchases at the terminal, increase the purchase volume and transfer the purchase brand. Collective packaging can increase the display area of the terminal, make it easier to attract consumers' attention, easily trigger consumers to buy impulsively, and help promote products (you can directly carry out promotional activities such as buying gifts, discount coupons, raffles, etc.). In addition, collective packaging can make products more beautiful and effectively improve the added value of products

second, it is convenient to carry and increase the single purchase volume: the collection packaging products are more convenient to carry. The existing packaging forms are mainly single product packaging and full container packaging. In contrast, collective packaging is more ergonomic and humanized, which effectively enhances the personal shopping experience and virtually increases the single purchase volume of consumers

third, the product packaging materials are more environmentally friendly: the collective packaging uses a large number of coated pickup trucks and their types of paper, and uses a variety of structural designs to reduce the weight of paperboard, so that the collective packaging has excellent performance in environmental protection and packaging lightweight. It is not only in line with international environmental protection packaging regulations, but also has been favored by more and more enterprises and consumers. The integrated packaging system mainly includes the following parts: structural design of packaging paperboard, production of packaging paperboard, packaging technology and packaging equipment

basic types of structural design of packaging paperboard

the basic forms of integrated packaging can be roughly divided into five categories, so that a single product can be packaged into different forms (such as 1x2, 2x2, 2x3 can achieve energy self-sufficiency through power generation, 3x4, etc.), On the basis of these five types, many forms can be combined and derived, and some dust forms will inevitably be produced in the process of laboratory work

1. clamping type: it is usually located above the bottleneck, and the product is fixed through the lock mouth design of the bottle cap. The easy tear mouth design makes it easy for consumers to take and use when drinking. It is a very simple and practical structural form, which is suitable for using plastic bags as little as possible when buying vegetables 7 liter glass bottles, PET bottles and other packaging containers

2. winding type: the paperboard winds the whole assembly downward from the top or neck of the container, and then uses hot-melt bonding to bond at the bottom, which is very firm and durable. Applicable to 0 5-liter glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other packaging containers

3. basket type: This is a relatively common structural form, which is very similar to a small basket with partition. It has a long history of use in the world, but recently this structural form has made new progress, such as changing the middle cut part to another low weight paper, It can not only effectively protect goods, but also greatly reduce the packaging cost

4. Suitcase type: it is a structural form that has developed rapidly in application recently, especially in small capacity container packaging, which has the trend of replacing cartons. Through the ingenious structural design, it has the packaging performance that corrugated board was used to achieve under the condition of reducing the packaging paper. Recently, German arcton company has made some interesting improvements in details in the design of the suitcase type bundle packaging for Heineken beer with 250ml and 12 bottles, such as the neck tightening design, which makes the containers fit closer and reduces the damage during transportation. In addition, in the die-cutting treatment of paperboard, it makes the handle on the top of the box very comfortable to use, and makes the recycling of waste bottles very easy and interesting

5. Lifting belt type: This is the most economical form of bundled packaging. It refers to pasting one or more portable tapes with advertising content on the heat shrinkable packaging unit to make it easy to carry. This form has great advantages in cost and is very suitable for the current needs of Chinese users

selection and production of packaging paperboard. After the structural design of packaging paperboard is completed, paperboard with appropriate gram weight (mainly referring to the first four structural forms) should be selected for production. The paperboard is mainly coated kraft linerboard, which is made of long fiber kraft linerboard made of pure wood. The surface layer is evenly coated with hardwood short fiber white pulp made of hardwood trees. This kind of paperboard maintains the high tear strength and high toughness of kraft linerboard, and has good printability of white linerboard at the same time. Combined with specific processes, coated kraft linerboard can also have good moisture resistance, and can maintain 90% of its dry strength after soaking in water for an hour. And meet the health standards for direct contact with food

the production process mainly includes printing, die cutting, pasting and other steps. In arcton's factory, all equipment is scientifically connected into a complete production line, and semi-finished products automatically enter the next production link, ensuring the accuracy and unity of the size of finished products. Avoid errors caused by size problems in the use of finished paperboard, and ensure the production efficiency of the packaging line. In addition, after printing, the paperboard will be evenly coated with a layer of water-based varnish to enhance the moisture resistance of the paperboard and make it more suitable for the cold chain transportation, storage and sale of food and beverages

packaging technology and packaging equipment

for five different cardboard structure designs, there are also different cluster packaging equipment. In addition to the structural form, the bottle type, filling line speed and other factors should be considered in the selection of cluster packaging equipment. As a professional supplier of back packaging equipment, novakust Machinery Co., Ltd. of Germany takes a leading position in the industry in terms of cluster packaging equipment. Novakust Machinery Co., Ltd. also developed a bundle packaging equipment that can package both winding and basket type. In this production equipment, after a very short equipment adjustment time, the conversion of the two packaging modes can be completed

in addition to product conception and enterprise market strategy, appropriate product packaging plays an important role in the success of products. In the beer and beverage industry, cluster packaging can improve the added value of products, win new consumer groups, and become a sharp weapon for sales, but it also puts forward higher requirements for packaging structure innovation and cluster packaging technology

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bundled packaging will become the development trend of beverage packaging in the future

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