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Technology and cost are the ultimate factors restricting the development of offshore wind power

"during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the main challenges of offshore wind power are that the infrastructure is still weak, the operation and maintenance costs need to be further reduced, and the technical standards in relevant operation and maintenance fields are still blank." At the 2017 offshore wind power leaders' summit held yesterday, Xie Hongwen, deputy director of the new energy department of the General Institute of hydropower and water resources planning and design, said above

on August 17, Nantong, Jiangsu Province, jointly hosted by the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Circular Economy Association and the wind energy professional committee of China Renewable Energy Association, and hosted by the people's Government of Dongxian county and China haizhuang, the 2017 offshore wind power leadership summit was opened as scheduled

it was learned from the meeting that although China's offshore wind power has a certain economy, preliminary conditions for large-scale application, and considerable development potential, it still faces many challenges such as unit technology and reliability, offshore wind farm design, offshore wind power engineering, and technology and cost are still hard injuries

don't copy onshore wind power technology

although offshore wind power started late, it still made some achievements with the characteristics of offshore wind resource stability and large-scale power generation strategy

data show that in 2016, China's offshore wind power installed capacity increased by 590 MW, an increase of 64% over the previous year, with a cumulative installed capacity of 1630 MW, ranking third in the global list of offshore wind power installations, second only to Britain and Germany

"China's offshore power generation [1] region is mainly concentrated in the eastern coastal areas. Vigorously developing offshore wind power can not only meet the power demand in the East, but also accelerate the pace of green power generation by combining land and sea wind power." Qi Hesheng, Secretary General of the wind energy equipment branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and Deputy Secretary General of the national wind Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, said at the meeting

"the development of offshore wind power can learn from the technology of offshore engineering to a certain extent, but the practice of onshore wind power must not be used for offshore wind power. Offshore wind power must be treated as another industry in the wind power industry, and all aspects must be raised to a certain height." Qi Hesheng suggested

in this regard, qinhaiyan, Secretary General of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, admitted that the biggest obstacle to current energy development is energy transformation. If changes are not made in time, they may be left behind by the ship of development and transformation, and offshore wind power is a very important industry in energy transformation

"CSIC is striving to build a wind power industry led by offshore wind power, forming a full range of R & D, manufacturing capacity and industrial chain system from key components such as blades, gearboxes, generators, control systems to various supporting parts." Chenminjun, former deputy general manager of China shipbuilding industry group, introduced at the meeting, "at present, 5MW offshore wind turbines have leaped from H128 and h151 in the initial stage of development to h171, and will make further breakthroughs in 10MW offshore wind turbines and floating offshore wind power in the future."

China's offshore wind power is still facing high costs.

in the period of accelerated development, how to reduce costs has become another challenge faced by the government and enterprises

Bi Ranwei, director of the Danish investment agency in China, Ministry of foreign affairs of Denmark in this regard, Bi Ranwei, director of the Danish investment agency in China, Ministry of foreign affairs of Denmark, pointed out that China needs to strengthen cooperation with foreign countries at the government and private levels to jointly support the development of offshore wind power, especially the decline in costs

Qi Hesheng said frankly that offshore wind power must be considered with high reliability, high technology and high maturity to prevent the occurrence of equipment quality problems, especially the quality of large components, including construction technology, R & D and other fields, and avoid large cost investment in the later stage

especially at present, in the face of the rising price of raw materials, the continuous reduction of electricity prices, and the continuous decline of the bidding price of the host, how to ensure the quality and performance of the host requires developers, host enterprises, and component enterprise providers to work together, and then re calibrate the sensor to work normally, forming an inseparable community of interests and undertakings, so as to avoid vicious competition

it is noteworthy that with the ratio range of diameter or thickness of all renewable energy sources: PVC is 1.20 ⑴ The price continues to decline, offshore wind energy is still in the early stage of development, and the price cost is expected to decline further and rapidly

"the kWh cost of offshore wind power is expected to decrease by 20% every time the installed capacity of offshore wind power is doubled, which means that by about 2025, the kWh cost of offshore wind power will be close to that of onshore wind power." Zhou Yiyi, a financial analyst at Bloomberg new energy, predicted, "the data shows that the acquisition capacity of offshore wind power projects has fallen. With the continuous reduction of offshore wind power costs, some emerging investors began to enter this market, such as oil and gas companies and some investors in the energy industry chain are optimistic about this market."

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