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Technology driven change sensor application fields bloom everywhere

at the moment of the rapid development of IOT, sensors have become a hot field of industrial development in China. Recently, at the 2018 China IOT industrial ecology conference, Yang Xueshan, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that China's IOT has experienced more than seven years of development, and has made great progress in both technology and application fields, but on the whole, there is still a gap. At present, what we lack most is perception

sensor is a kind of detection device, which can feel the measured information and transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to a certain law, so as to meet the correct methods of information transmission, processing, storage, display, protection and maintenance: recording and control requirements. After years of development, sensors have developed from structural sensors and solid sensors to today's intelligent sensors

as we all know, at present, intelligent sensors should be removed quickly after the temperature exceeds the specified value for impact experiments, mainly in four fields: consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and medical electronics. Specifically, what are the innovative applications of various sensors? Let's see:

application solutions of ultrasonic sensors in LPG storage stations

with the acceleration of urban construction, urban development and the improvement of safety management standards, remote gas stations in the original urban area are surrounded by mushrooming buildings, as well as the frequency increment of transportation and distribution, It brings certain pressure to safety management. The ultrasonic sensor can inform the driver of the obstacles around through sound or more intuitive display, reduce the fault caused by the driver when parking, reversing and driving left and right when starting the vehicle, and help the driver eliminate blind spots and blurred vision. It is of great significance to the safety of people's lives and property and social stability

application of UV arc sensor in electric arc UV detection

with the continuous expansion of the electrical scale of the power system, the damage and failure of various types of high-voltage equipment used in the power system are also increasing, and the corresponding requirements for preventive maintenance are also increasing. Because among the various methods of discharge process that can be used for diagnostic purposes, optical method has the best sensitivity, resolution and anti-interference ability. The gallium core photoelectric ultraviolet sensor is used to develop arc ultraviolet detection, that is, the ultraviolet sensor and radiation receiver with high sensitivity are used to record the ultraviolet radiation during Corona and surface discharge, and then processed and analyzed to achieve the purpose of evaluating the condition of the equipment. Prevention and reduction of heavy losses caused by equipment failure have great economic benefits

application of optical fiber refractive index sensor in measuring oil concentration

in fact, the lubricating oil that plays the role of compressor lubrication and sealing will inevitably leave traces in the whole refrigeration system. Even if only a small amount of lubricating oil is detected in the system, the quantity will increase with time and the wear of mechanical components. Fiso technology company has developed a system composed of optical fiber refractive index sensor FRI and optical fiber signal conditioner TMI, which can accurately measure OCR. The OCR detection solution meets the detection requirements put forward by engineers working in the refrigeration field. In addition to its small size, optical fiber sensors also have the advantages of high accuracy, intrinsic safety and immunity from radio frequency, electromagnetic wave and microwave radiation, such as ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate, which are continuing to play a battery three kill

important application of lidar sensor in the automotive field

lidar is mainly used to measure the distance between fixed or moving objects. It is a relatively new application system in the automotive field. With a 360 degree dead angle line of sight, it can capture the spatial three-dimensional image of objects, which is attracting more and more attention. System and semiconductor suppliers are focusing on developing and improving new solutions, and plan to apply samples in 2020/2021

wide application of gas sensors in atmospheric environment monitoring

gas sensors are sensors used to detect the presence of specific gases in a certain area and/or continuously measure the concentration of gas components. In coal mine, petroleum, chemical industry, municipal administration, medical treatment, transportation, home and other safety protection, gas sensors are often used to detect the concentration or existence of combustible, flammable and toxic gases, or the consumption of oxygen. In power industry and other manufacturing fields, gas sensors are also commonly used to quantitatively measure the concentration of each component in the flue gas to judge the combustion situation and the emission of harmful gases. In the field of atmospheric environment monitoring, it is very common to use gas sensors to determine environmental pollution

it is obvious that under the multiple drive of policy and market, China's intelligent sensor industry has ushered in an unprecedented new period of development. However, due to the late start of sensors in China, there is still much room for development in technology research and development, production process, market and so on

for enterprises that are unable to put tools into the mixer during operation, the key technology has not been broken through; Unreasonable industrial structure and incomplete product series; Weak technology R & D capabilities are all pain points in the development of the industry. Next, industry participants still need to adhere to their original intentions, overcome difficulties, break industrial bottlenecks, and promote the sensor industry to a new height of development

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