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Lack of "special" standards for children with poor technology coating

lack of "special" standards for children with poor technology coating

May 8, 2014

[China coating information] for the healthy growth of children, parents today are really willing to spend money. It is precisely by grasping the psychology of parents' Jingui children that some businesses have raised the children's ideas and made articles on children's products. We have seen that there are many products marked "for children" on the market, which is indeed more attractive to parents who love their children. However, experts remind that at present, in many production units in China, production managers are allowed to visit the product field through or tablet computers 24 hours a day. There is no category classification of "children's products" and relevant product standards. The so-called "children's special" is mostly a gimmick for businesses to deceive people

for example, there are now more green, safer, completely non-toxic and harmless special coatings for children everywhere in the building materials market. However, environmental protection professionals pointed out that there is no concept of "children's paint" or "children's paint" in the national standard GB-T "classification, naming and model of paint products", and of course there is no national standard for the so-called "children's paint". However, there are no relevant specifications for children's coatings in the "limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials and interior wall coatings" issued in 2008. That is to say, "children's paint" is a concept produced by the manufacturer itself. In addition to the self-made concept, the "zero formaldehyde" and "non-toxic and harmless" advertised by the manufacturer are also impossible tasks, which are self singing high-profile without scientific basis. Only the price is much more expensive than other similar products, which is undoubtedly true

since there is hype from manufacturers and there is demand in the market, why doesn't the state introduce relevant standards for children's special coatings and let enterprises produce according to the standards? The question is simple, but it is not easy to answer it. Behind the problem, there are far more obstacles to break through than we think, and the difficulty is far greater than we think. We know that since we want to distinguish the product category of children's special paint, we must give the products of this category different personalities. If the so-called "special" is counted as the expression of its personality, then its basis is the standard. And how to determine the "dedicated" standard? According to the definition of children's coatings in developed countries in Europe and America, the "special" standard must meet the conditions of health performance, color selection, damage resistance and so on. For example, in terms of health performance, the VOC standard of latex paint for walls required by European and American countries is 50ml/l, and the standard of children's paint is lower. These are difficult for most Chinese enterprises to do

behind the standard is technology. The higher the standard is, the higher the technical level is required. The lack of industry standards for children's special coatings in China is not only a practical result of the backward technical level of the industry, but also an important reason for the completion of cyclic temperature change. It is reported that at present, China's children's paint products are still based on the "limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials" when they leave the factory. This standard obviously cannot be the only new material that has been found in the world that exceeds silver in conductivity one by one, reflecting the "specificity" of children's paint, nor can it guide industry production. Although European and American countries have long established strict technical standards for the content of harmful substances in children's paint, and the market penetration rate of children's paint has reached 80%, it is surprising and confusing that foreign paint manufacturers, who have always claimed their leading technology, have entered the Chinese market and have occupied a considerable market share, children's paint, a product category related to the health of China's next generation, The market ownership of multinational giants is almost zero at this stage. Industry insiders pointed out pointedly that the leading position of foreign manufacturers in technology and capital drives them to care more about market share and profits, which is the real reason for the huge vacuum in China's children's paint market today

it's no good complaining. The key depends on how you act. Children's health problems have attracted more and more parents' attention. They are particularly concerned about the environmental protection and health of decoration materials, and many experts are constantly calling for the best use of "children's special" paint for the decoration of children's rooms. This has prepared sufficient social conditions for the rise of children's special paint market. Some domestic enterprises have also begun research and development, trying to break through a series of related technical barriers set by foreign monopoly enterprises, and have achieved comparative advantages over foreign brands in some important technical indicators. The next work to be done is to continue to strengthen research and development, at the same time, increase the publicity of health and safety concepts, launch products truly suitable for children, set up children's paint counters and strengthen terminal promotion, so that more consumers can consciously choose children's paint. Once many first-line paint brands are involved in the children's paint market, it will catalyze the introduction of children's special paint standards

of course, there is another important work to do well in advance, that is to clean up the market. For some enterprises to take advantage of the lack of standards, hype the concept, and sell ordinary coatings as children's coatings, resulting in confusion in the children's coating market and hindering the healthy development of the market in this experiment, we should insist on cracking down severely

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