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The theme seminar of "technology automation world 2013 (spring)" and the first and second general meeting of the alliance were successfully held in Shenzhen. On March 22, it was hosted by China technology automation alliance, and was hosted by Germany biff, e-cube, Yiche company, get group, Shunde Branch of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai gaoweike The theme sponsored and supported by Shenzhen Ouchen and other seven alliance member units is science and technology automation world 2013 (spring). The seminar on science and technology automation helping equipment manufacturing industry move towards smart factory was officially launched in Shenzhen. Liu Qiang, the Executive Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong automation society, Peng Yu, the Chinese President of PLCopen Association, Zhou Jinbei, the vice chairman of the textile machinery branch of the national industrial machinery electrical system standardization committee, Ren Lei, the member of the special committee of micro and special motors of the Chinese Electrotechnical Society, as well as the leaders and technical experts of the member units discussed with nearly 200 user representatives from various industries about concept innovation, technical standards Product research and development and other current hot topics. A wealth of cases and solutions for the full life cycle of equipment products that should achieve the goal of bilateral trade volume of US $10billion by 2020 will help the equipment manufacturing industry in South China to a new level of smart factories

chairman Liang Liqiang's speech

the conference was full

the smart factory 1.0 model was proposed by the China Science and technology automation alliance, closely following the current situation and medium - and long-term development trend of China's manufacturing industry. The technology automation alliance can provide equipment manufacturers with full life cycle product management and services, including from plant planning to equipment integration, from technological breakthrough to automation software and hardware implementation, from field control level to enterprise level information integration, as well as knowledge innovation services such as patent retrieval and analysis, concept innovation, digital modeling, virtual prototyping, etc

the morning meeting was wonderful. All guests will focus on topics such as high-end equipment, smart factories, advanced automation technology, etc., conduct a comprehensive concept display and practical guidance, analyze the development trend of science and technology and manufacturing industry, and show the great impact of modern automation technology on the development of various industries; Through the sharing of experts and practical cases, guide enterprises how to carry out real technological innovation, and use the technology and product system of smart factory to realize the R & D, production, manufacturing and full life cycle quality monitoring and data collection of innovative products. Among them, Professor Peng Yu's topics about smart factory, the standards and specifications of PLCopen organization, and the integration of CNC and robots have attracted much attention. General manager Wang Jian's introduction to digital manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, the key elements of the third and fourth industrial revolutions, and the smart factory 1.0 conceptual model proposed by the Alliance for scientific and technological automation, attracted wide interest and enthusiastic response from the audience. Chen Bingbing from the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Li Jianping from colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, technical supervision, quality inspection stations and other departments, and Minister Li Jianping from Guangdong forging machine tool plant on R & D and specific industry practice cases of industry university research cooperation and equipment upgrading and transformation also made everyone realize that the concept of smart factory has begun to move towards industry, enter the real application link, and begin to serve the majority of automation product suppliers and equipment manufacturers

there were a large number of guests

this seminar conducted interactive exchanges in the form of more vivid sub forums. In the afternoon, the three sub forums were full, and the majority of users and experts on the stage actively interacted, answering questions one-on-one, so as to solve users' problems in innovation strategy, technology research and development and application more pertinently. Sub Forum 1 was presided over by Liu yongmou, chairman of get group, and Chen Bingbing, director of Shunde Branch of Institute of computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as a guest. It focused on industry, University and research from the macro strategy to rebuild the competitiveness of enterprises; The second sub forum was presided over by Wang Jian, the general manager of e-cube. The Chinese President of PLCopen Association, because the displacement measurement system of the machine itself only measures the moving distance of the beam of the tensile machine, Peng Yu, the representative of EtherCAT Technology Association in China fan bin, and Zhou Jinbei, the vice chairman of several 10 gas system branches of the national industrial machinery and electrical system standardization committee in the textile, electromechanical and large plastic market, were present, We had in-depth exchanges and discussions with users participating in the sub Forum on how to use advanced technologies and standards to achieve a leap in overall performance; Tianjinsong, general manager of Shanghai gaoweike, presided over the third sub forum, which mainly introduced the advanced products and application cases under the condition of smart factory. Wang Youqing, manager of German Beifu application department, and Li Hong, deputy general manager of Yike company, were guests to bring perfect solutions to users from the application level. The lively form of the sub forum and its stronger pertinence and practicality were highly praised by the participants. The atmosphere was lively. Both the keynote speeches of the guests and the practical questions raised by the participants were extremely wonderful

the sub forum has a warm interaction

the products and applications exhibition area outside the venue is also wonderful and has attracted widespread attention. Each member unit has displayed the most advanced engraving machine system, EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet communication technology, sensors, encoders, motion control systems, etc., which best fits the theme of scientific and technological automation and helps the equipment manufacturing industry enter the smart factory

The successful holding of the 2013 (spring) Symposium of the world of scientific and technological automation in Shenzhen marks the implementation and landing of the innovative concept of scientific and technological automation. Scientific and technological automation is not a slogan, but actually close to the needs of users, meets the requirements of the transformation and upgrading of the current equipment manufacturing industry, and truly realizes the vision of a smart factory

On the second day of the seminar, the technology automation alliance held a second general meeting, which was attended by senior leaders, sales managers, technical managers and marketing managers from member units. The conference was presided over by Liang Liqiang, the president of the alliance and the general manager of Beifu Germany. All member units had extensive exchanges on the company's products, business and market conditions. In the interactive exchange session, participants actively shared their experience in the field of scientific and technological automation, and offered suggestions for the development of the alliance. All member units agree with the innovative concept of technological automation and the development path of the alliance, and the cooperation among members is far greater than competition. In the future, the technology automation alliance will unite more automation manufacturers, technology associations and individual experts, promote the integration of scientific and technological innovation and automation, manufacturing, and promote the technological innovation and industrial transformation of Chinese enterprises and research institutions

the atmosphere of the general meeting is harmonious

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