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The United States plans to implement the new format of drug instructions

to understand the medical terms on the drug label is a headache for an ordinary patient. Even for a doctor, it is sometimes not easy, but the cost of not understanding the drug instructions is huge. Relevant research shows that as many as 100000 people in the United States die of medication errors every year because they can't read the drug instructions

the U.S. Food and drug administration hopes to contain this kind of incident. They require drug manufacturers to make the drug instructions packed with drugs more accurate. 2. The main body of the film tensile testing machine should use a frame level or borrow the plumb bob in the attachment to calibrate the verticality of the columns in two directions perpendicular to each other. It is easy to understand, and doctors can also see the key information of drugs at a glance from the instructions, Instead of mining useful information from complex medical data. To this end, the United States Food and drug administration has proposed a suggested format and publicly solicited opinions, which requires that plastic additives can enhance the degradation of plastics at least without hindering the degradation of plastics during landfilling

the new lithium battery oriented drug instruction format will make it clear to patients when reading, so as to be vigilant about the key contents of the drug instruction, which will help reduce medication errors. At present, medication errors are the main causes of hospitalization, serious drug damage and drug cross-over effects. The format of the instruction manual proposed by the food and Drug Administration will make the drug information obtained by patients clearer, more accurate and easier to understand

in the current drug instructions, the potential problems of drugs, such as possible side effects and cross effects with other drugs, are hidden in inconspicuous words. Busy doctors have no time to read them carefully, so they often ignore the warning of drugs or fail to prescribe according to the correct dose

the new format has an introductory "key content", which includes key messages to be conveyed to patients. The doctor specially listed some problems that need to be reflected in the "key contents": common side effects, serious adverse reactions, drug cross effects, dosage, pharmacodynamic characteristics compared with similar drugs, warning messages for special groups such as children and pregnant women, etc. The writing format of these "key contents" is also specified: the title is in bold and enlarged

the U.S. Food and drug administration also suggested that the instructions of newly formulated drugs or drugs that have been sold in the U.S. market for less than three years should be stamped with a black triangle to show their particularity. Experts believe that unforeseen adverse reactions often appear in new drugs, and this mark has been used in the UK. This time, the U.S. Food and drug administration is also prepared as a means to remind doctors. It is hoped that doctors will pay attention to the problems that rarely occur but have serious potential side effects

the U.S. Food and drug administration plans to implement the above recommendations in stages, and the drug instructions in line with the above format will be used on new drugs next year. After that, the new drug instructions will also be used in some old drugs. If the proposed format is approved, the instructions of drugs sold in the U.S. market in the future should be written in a unified format. (Liu Yun)

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