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U.S. research team investigates the health risks of DEHP

a research team of the federal government conducted another investigation on the safety of DEHP, the plasticizer most widely used in PVC medical devices. The investigation once again raised concerns about the exposure of some children and pregnant women to the substance, but healthy adults do not seem to be endangered

due to the promotion of new research and continuous public doubts, the independent scientist research team convened by the national toxicology research program conducted the second investigation of di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in nearly five years

this time, the team came to a different conclusion, telling us that some recent studies have reduced some of the previous concerns. Members of the research team met in Alexandria from October 10 to 12

however, the research team also raised the question whether infants will be exposed to phthalates through the milk collected by the breast pump. Since people will not only be exposed to DEHP, the team also pointed out that there are great uncertainties in how DEHP and other phthalates act on the human body. Phthalates are widely used in cosmetics and personal care products

at this moment in the industry, the side wheel and side beam touch to produce a bias force to prevent the car from rotating. Groups and environmental protection organizations spoke highly of the report on October 12

the American Chemical Association (ACC) said that the report was impartial. And pointed out that the team found that some groups, such as children over the age of 1, have little reason to worry about them. It was also pointed out that the report also left room for security. The phthalate group of the Association believes that the government's research team is too sensitive in interpreting some data

"the assessment is fair, but at the same time it is also very conservative," said Marian Stanley, head of the ACC research team. "As our understanding of human vulnerability has been improved, it is important that the level of anxiety about different groups of people is not higher and sometimes lower than the level in the last report."

the US environmental protection organization "harmless health care" (HCWH), which promotes the elimination of PVC products, said that NTP pays more and more attention to sensitive groups (such as children and pregnant women receiving treatment), which means that hospitals should no longer use DEHP products

mark Rossi of the HCWH Advanced Research Association said that the members of the research team also rejected the controversial Japanese marmoset research, although the research is currently endorsed by many people in the industry. Robert kavlock, the EPA scientist in charge of the research team, said that there were too many doubts about this method, and the research team could not rest assured of using it

ACC pointed out that the research team questioned the research conclusions published by the University of Rochester earlier this year, and claimed that exposure to phthalates in the uterus may affect the sexual development of the fetus

in the post meeting interview, the members of the research team said that when requiring doctors to use products without DEHP for some treatment of infants, it was because the raw surfaces of all parts and accessories of the electronic universal laboratory machine were not primed and painted. They also said that the report did not investigate the safety of alternative chemicals

source of information: after sales of international plastic industry

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